Los Angeles Dodgers Acquire New Pitcher to Help Hitters; ProBatter Offers a High Tech Way to Train

ProBatter Pitching Simulator Gives 'Boys in Blue' Leading Edge Advantage

MILFORD, CT--(Marketwire - Mar 5, 2013) - ProBatter Sports has completed a deal with the Los Angeles Dodgers for the sports technology company's proprietary ProBatter PX2 pitching simulator. Scheduled for installation at the club's spring training complex in Camelback Ranch in Glendale, Arizona, the advanced training system recreates the experience of facing live pitching in a completely controlled environment. The Dodgers become the seventh major league organization to purchase a ProBatter system for player training.

The deal was negotiated by Dodgers' Senior Manager of Player Development, Chris Madden, who had the opportunity to try out the ProBatter system this past fall with players participating in the Arizona Instructional League.

The most advanced training tool available for hitters working on improving their timing and mechanics, ProBatter combines the latest computer and video innovations to create a perfectly synchronized pitching simulation. The PX2 offers a startlingly realistic experience, not unlike an aircraft flight simulator used to train pilots, with the system fully programmable to replicate any conceivable hitting scenario.

"We are extremely pleased to bring our leading edge technology to the Dodgers," said Adam Battersby, President of ProBatter Sports. "Through the acquisition of our ProBatter simulator, we recognize the team's commitment to giving its players every advantage to develop and reach their full potential."

ProBatter has sold multiple systems to the New York Yankees, Cleveland Indians, Pittsburgh Pirates and Cincinnati Reds for players' use at their home fields, as well as the ballparks of their minor league teams. In addition, the Boston Red Sox and New York Mets have ProBatter simulators installed at their spring training locations in Florida, where major and minor league players can use the machines to train and rehabilitate throughout the year.

The ProBatter PX2 allows a hitter to face a DVD-quality image of a real pitcher, which is projected onto an 8x10 foot screen. The pitcher winds up (or throws from a stretch) -- at the moment of release, an actual ball is fired through a small hole in the screen, delivering virtually any pitch a human being can. Synchronization is precise and the effect is extremely realistic. Hitters can be challenged by an endless array of fastballs, sinkers, cutters, curves, sliders, change-ups, etc. -- at speeds up to 100 mph and variable in increments of two mph. Moreover, the pitches can be delivered with pinpoint accuracy and thrown to pre-selected locations inside and outside the strike zone.

Ballplayers benefit from a hitting experience that very closely simulates live major league quality pitching. Through this nearly perfect recreation of reality, the ProBatter system can hone hitting skills like no other pitching machine ever created.

Besides major league clubs that have embraced ProBatter, the pitching simulators have proven to be extremely popular throughout the baseball world. Division I college programs, Michigan, Ohio State, Georgia Tech, Michigan State, Northwestern, Connecticut, Maine, Navy and Ohio incorporate ProBatter systems in their training routines, as does the Chiba Lotte Marines of Japan's Pacific League.

The systems are also in high demand at private training facilities, while even individuals have purchased their own units, including active pro players.

ProBatter entered the international softball arena in 2008 with the delivery of a PX2 softball simulator to the Chinese national team's training headquarters as it prepared for the Summer Olympics in Beijing.

In 2010, the company's first cricket systems were installed for the English Cricket Board at their High Performance Cricket Centre in Loughborough and Cricket Australia at the team's Brisbane training facility. The following year, ProBatter's technology had reached the Middle East with the acquisition of a PX2 simulator at the International Cricket Council's ICC Global Cricket Academy in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

About ProBatter Sports

ProBatter Sports was formed in 1999 by members of Kent Communications, Ltd. and Stahl Real Estate, LLC. Stahl Real Estate is one of the principal commercial real estate developers in New York City, while Kent Communications is a publisher of a variety of journals and books on such diverse subjects as intellectual property and licensing.

Originally founded around the ProBatter Professional system, the ProBatter product line has substantially expanded since its inception with products such as the ProBatter II retrofit kit for commercial batting cages, ProBatter Professional Softball system, and a host of ancillary products including a Smart Card control system, a Scoring system, feeder systems, and the ProBatter seamed pitching machine balls, which are licensed to Baden Sports. The ProBatter line of products has received 13 U.S. patents and more than 20 international patents.


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