Los Altos Wellness Center Offers Foot Levelers Orthotics for Pain Relief

LOS ALTOS, Calif., March 10, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Individuals who are suffering from chronic pain due to foot problems may benefit from custom orthotics. Reimer Wellness Center offers Foot Levelers, which create a strong, balanced foundation for the body. This helps to stabilize the spine and naturally manage pain. The Los Altos wellness center recommends Foot Levelers as an alternative to pain management medication or surgical intervention. Chiropractor Dr. Mary Reimer frequently recommends Foot Levelers in addition to chiropractic adjustments and other holistic treatments.

Los Altos chiropractor Dr. Mary Reimer announced that her practice, Reimer Wellness Center, offers Foot Levelers, as a custom orthotic solution brings balance back to the spine and stabilizes the body, which reduces back pain, hip pain and knee pain. Foot Levelers are custom made correctional insoles that can be made for any shoe type. According to her, they are super comfortable and correct for all types of foot distortion.

"An imbalance in the feet directly impacts the knees, hips, back and neck," said Dr. Reimer. "Stabilizing orthotics help bring balance back to the body, creating a strong foundation and enhancing overall health."

Foot Levelers are specifically designed to address problems with foot pain, including plantar fasciitis, a condition caused by the inflammation of the plantar fascia. The plantar fascia is a thick band of tissue that stretches from the heel bone to the toes. This tissue supports the arches, and if it becomes inflamed, irritated, swollen or weakened, it can trigger foot pain and make it difficult to properly support the body.

If the feet are unable to support the body, walking, running or standing for extended periods can be very painful. Even moderate exercise can trigger knee, hip and back pain.

"Plantar fasciitis not only affects the feet, but also triggers problems for the entire body," said Dr. Reimer. "For example, when the feet are unable to properly support the body, this can strain other muscles and joints. In essence, it's a domino effect that leads to numerous health problems throughout the body."

According to Dr. Reimer, rather than covering up this pain with medication, the most effective approach is to correct the underlying imbalance with a patient's feet.

"Foot Levelers naturally complement our approach to whole body wellness and holistic healing," said Dr. Reimer. "Rather than simply managing the symptoms of pain, our goal is to identify and correct the underlying problem. For patients with a foot imbalance, this means restoring support to the feet and bringing balance back to the entire body."

Foot Levelers also feature the patented Gait Cycle System, which provides enhanced support as a patient walks. This provides a custom level of orthotic support that adjusts to each patient's needs. All Foot Levelers are created using digital images to match each patient's individual feet.

"Foot Levelers are an effective, patient-proven solution that targets the underlying cause for pain and produces long-lasting results," said Dr. Reimer. "As a chiropractor, I strongly recommend this treatment to patients at our Los Altos wellness center."


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