Advanced Reconnaissance Corp. (ARC) has announced AgVu.

Fishkill, New York, UNITED STATES

Fishkill, N.Y., March 12, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Advanced Reconnaissance Corp. (ARC) has announced AgVu™, a complete series of crop analysis maps that show farmers troubled areas of their field before they are visible to the eye. The innovation offered by AgVu™ uses the technical team's scientific discoveries in extracting subtle information from overhead sensors, similar to methods that ARC developed to spot IEDs in combat zones. The AgVu™ products show crop health and maturity - not only highlighting problem areas resulting from insects or weeds, but also when and where to irrigate and fertilize.

Response to the announcement has been hugely positive, with representative farmers applauding the speed and readability of the forthcoming AgVu™ data products, which will be updated and delivered every two weeks in easy-to view, custom formats. Large and small growers say frequency of data delivery is key to good management of operations, and improvement of yield.

To obtain further information about AgVu™, please visit and click on Solutions or call ARC at (845)896-0880