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PLANO, TX--(Marketwire - Mar 20, 2013) - Well, March is officially upon us! As the harsh winter weather lifts, spring fashion ads begin to surface just in time for you to wonder if your "summer body" is ready for debut. If you stuck to your resolutions, congratulations! If you didn't and are scrambling to get your beach body by summer, all hope isn't lost with Wellness International Network's high-quality products. Along with a healthy diet and exercise, products like BioLean®and LipoTrim™ in Wellness International Network's weight-management line work to help shed off those stubborn pounds making it easier to fulfill your summertime goal! With more than 20 years of experience in the business of helping people achieve their weight loss goals, Wellness International Network has a plethora of success stories to back up these amazing products.

If you are coming out of a wintertime slump, accompanied by feelings of tiredness and stiff joints, not only does Wellness International Network provide a solution to weight-loss woes, but products like Winrgy®, and WINOmeg3complex™, provide energy and focus to get you moving and back on track. So what happens when you finally get to the gym with all the energy and determination to maximize your workout, and you find yourself completely wiped out within the first ten minutes? Sure2Endure, straight out of Wellness International Network's sports and fitness line, optimizes your workout giving you the extra push when you're running on fumes. Avid Wellness International Network product users, including professional athletes such as baseball player Ryan Drese and champion speed skater Renske Winters, credit the products for a lot of their physical triumphs. Whether you are a professional training to gain victory over your opponent or simply trying to gain the motivation and energy to get back into the gym, Wellness International Network truly provides a product for every need.

Wellness International Network founder Ralph Oats intentionally designed his company around meeting the physical, mental, and financial needs for everyone. Ralph Oats not only provides top-of-the-line products for healthy living, he also provides a top-of-the-line opportunity for wealthy living. Those involved like acknowledging how Wellness International Network has worked in all aspects of their lives, they're enjoying the benefits of a healthier lifestyle all while earning enough money to spend LESS time behind a desk and MORE time with their loved ones. So, with t-minus three months until summer hits, whether it's getting your summer body done for some fun in the sun, or earning extra money for summer vacationing expenses, spend the next 90 days incorporating Wellness International Network into your regime! The countdown is on!

About Wellness International Network, Ltd. (WIN)
Founded in 1992 by Ralph Oats and his wife, Cathy, WIN operates in many countries throughout North America, Europe, Africa and Australia. A leader in transformational health and nutritional products, Wellness International Network, Ltd. is headquartered in Plano, Texas, with affiliates located in Hoofddorp, Holland; Johannesburg, South Africa; and Sydney, Australia. Management Team 500 Magazine has selected Wellness International Network as a Top 500 company for four years. WIN's Winrgy®, Sure2Endure™ and WINOmeg3complex™ hold respected certification from the NSF Certified for Sport® program as products considered safe for those needing to comply with anti-doping regulations. WIN Worldwide BV also participates in the Netherlands Security System Nutritional Supplements Top Elite Sports [NZVT] program with a number of our products white listed as safe for top athletes. For more information visit: or WIN's products are listed in the Z-Index, a database of products associated with the Netherlands public pharmacy, used by doctors, pharmacists, businesses and government. Learn more about why "It Pays to Live Well" at

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