The Biggest Little Law Firm(R) in Kansas City, Van Osdol & Magruder, P.C., Reviews Illegal March Madness Gambling at Work

KANSAS CITY, MO--(Marketwire - Mar 26, 2013) - The Biggest Little Law Firm® in Kansas City, Van Osdol & Magruder, P.C., wants to educate the millions of March Madness fans that bet on brackets and join pools with co-workers and friends that their actions may constitute illegal gambling.

According to Chris Brown, attorney at Van Osdol & Magruder, even a one dollar entry fee is probably a bet, and the odds of winning are largely dependent on chance. "Nearly every jurisdiction in America outlaws gambling that is not state sanctioned," said Brown. "The laws are broadly drafted to include all kinds of actions in the definition of 'gambling.' Generally, when one stands to win or lose something of value based on an outcome dependent on chance, he or she is gambling."

Additionally, Brown said, "You should consider the implications of using your personal online accounts to run an office pool. For instance, online financial transaction sites, like PayPal, often have terms of service that prohibit users from engaging in illegal activities using their services. Thus, if you collect your entry fees using your own personal account, it might cause you problems next time you want to buy an autographed basketball on eBay," said Brown.

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