Author L. Fuchs Introduces The Blueprint: Success is a State of Mind

Los Angeles, CA, April 2, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- L. Fuchs is introducing the literary world to The Blueprint: Success is a State of Mind on April 23, 2013As a successful business mind, entrepreneur, parent, spouse, and author, Fuchs has taken the knowledge gained throughout a lifetime of overcoming obstacles and beating the odds, and is offering readers strategies to use their intrinsic power to shape their lives positively using "The Blueprint."

The Blueprint: Success is a State of Mindoffers advice and strategies for readers to use the tools they already possess. L. Fuchs provides a formula with action points that will help readers claim their individual power and achieve personal success.

Fuchs' passion for Quantum Mechanics lead to a lifetime of rigorous study, which earned her countless credentials in related fields. L.Fuchs is a Certified Professional Life Coach and Success Mentor. Her mission is to teach individuals from all walks of life how to use the tools they already have to create their own reality and express the fullest potential of human possibilities. "I'm a student of life and I'm simply sharing with the world what I have learned," said Fuchs.

With this background and expertise, Fuchs can help those struggling in business or in life, use the right tools to infiltrate success and achieve happiness from within. Fuchs addresses issues that assist people in achieving health, wealth, love, freedom, a successful marriage, positive parenting, and more.

Prior to the release of The Blueprint: Success is a State of Mind, Fuchs shares the five key points for a life of infinite possibilities:

1. Freedom: A typical human being, a.k.a. the bio-robot and modern day slave, is programmed and bound by countless memes, including the addiction to electronics and drugs meme. He is a slave to religion and consumerism and believes almost everything force-fed to him by the government, media, and society in general. We hold the power of creation within ourselves and we create our reality simply by choosing what we place our attention and focus on; as found in Chapter 7.

2. Frequency of Success: Each and every person is endowed with the power of creation, and we all create… whether we know it or not. Some of us create consciously and intentionally, while others create unconsciously and by default. Your vibrational frequency is the determining factor in the amount of power you have and in what you can create. How do you know what vibrational frequency you are on and what you can create? Read Chapter 3 to find out more.

3. Success in Wealth: Success is a state of mind and a way of life. Wealth is a choice, as is poverty. Success and wealth go hand in hand, they are twins. A person should focus on transmitting the energy of success and abundance, and your physical universe will reflect that back to you. To find out more ways you can acquire wealth, check out Chapter 5.

4. Success in Marriage: Sex is natural, beautiful, and vital to life, health, and happiness for all adult human beings. Sex with love and a healthy marriage is the gateway to "The Cosmic Orgasm." The physical act of sex is only the beginning. To find out how to achieve "The Cosmic Orgasm" and to read tips you've never heard before on how to sustain a successful marriage read Chapter 9.

5. Success in Health: The higher your vibrational frequency is, the healthier and happier you are. Everything begins as a thought and as a feeling. Healthy mind, healthy body. Disease, bacteria, virus, negative energy, parasitic entities and other unwanted energies cannot exist in high frequency because it is not energetically compatible with the high vibrating frequency of a healthy person. How do you control your frequency and eliminate disease and maintain perfect health? It can all be found in Chapter 4 of The Blueprint.

"The Blueprint is in a class by itself, because within its pages lies the actual step-by-step mechanism and illustrations, to creating the life you want instantly. I use it every day in every way and I am living proof that anything is possible!" explained Fuchs.

The Blueprint: Successis a State of Mind is available for pre-sale at All books purchased during pre-sale will be a signed copy by the author and will include a special gift. The Blueprint: Success is a State of Mindwill soon be available on April 23, 2013 on,,, and other retailers. For only $11 dollars per copy (plus $6.95 shipping and handling) Fuchs is affordably providing tools for every reader to better his or her life by following The Blueprint.

L. Fuchs will be in New York on April 29, 2013 for a Satellite Media Tour. To book an in-person interview in New York on April 30thor to schedule a phone interview any time after April 5th please contact TLK Fusion Public Relations President Tracy Keyser via the informaiton below. 


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