ChartIQ Files Four Stock and Forex Charting Patents

Leader in HTML5 and Mobile Stock Charting Files Four Technical Analysis Patents

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA--(Marketwired - Apr 3, 2013) - ChartIQ, a leader in stock and forex charts, today announced that it has filed for patent protection on four of its innovations in technical analysis.

The patent-pending technologies from ChartIQ include:

  • Divergence detection, which identifies divergences between price action and oscillating indicators, and visually plots associated price targets.
  • Automated gap detection and plotting, which allows analysts to quickly identify current and historical trading gaps
  • Visual sequential count indicator, a novel visual trading signal for sequential count algorithms, such as 9/13 Count
  • Price projection tool (aka "forward testing"), which allows analysts to test theories for future price movement, using their choice of technical indicators.

"Technical analysis as a discipline has existed for hundreds of years and has developed substantially over the past few decades. Unfortunately, technology innovation has not kept pace, leaving analysts with only rudimentary tools of the trade," said Dan Schleifer, co-founder and president of ChartIQ. "ChartIQ is dedicated to bringing to market new technologies for technical analysts, and these patent applications are a reflection of that."

Added Terry Thorsen, co-founder of ChartIQ and the inventor of the patent-pending technologies, "These inventions advance the state of the art in technical analysis, allowing chartists to identify patterns and trading opportunities that were previously difficult at best to spot."

Built on HTML5 technology, ChartIQ is the only suite of stock and forex charting applications designed to work on every desktop browser, tablet and smartphone on the market, across brands and operating systems.

ChartIQ is available from the Windows Store, iTunes Store and on the web at

About ChartIQ
An extraordinary transformation in investor technology is underway. Mobile and social investing are overturning old models just as the Internet did over a decade ago. ChartIQ has developed charting software with social charting, mobile optimization and an advanced, patent-pending toolset geared towards technical traders. ChartIQ's products are available directly to investors, as well being offered via white labeled solutions through brokerages and finance sites.

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