Health Insurance Providers Prompted to Improve Customer Satisfaction

Cincinnati, Ohio, UNITED STATES

CINCINNATI, Ohio, April 8, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- One-hundred percent of health professionals agree that a significant rift exists in their industry. In an infographic released today, worldwide software provider, Cincom Systems ( summarized its recent survey results on health insurers' battle to improve member satisfaction for 2013.

"Today, the majority of people get their health insurance through their employer," said Lori Gelter, program director for Cincom Document Solutions ( "Yet with all the changes taking place in the industry prompted by the Affordable Care Act, there is a shift away from the employer to the individual consumer and this will dramatically impact the types and volumes of communications that take place."

In the infographic, "The Road to Satisfaction," ( nearly 60 health insurers with more than 33.5 million customers were questioned. The majority of respondents expressed their concerns. It was confirmed that there is an immediate need for health insurers to better communicate with their members. For 47 percent of health professionals, mailing and faxing documents continue to be the most frequent form of communication. Phone (28%), email (22%) and in-person (3%) communications forms were also considered.

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