Securing Content for the Mobile Enterprise: Averail Announces Market Availability of Averail Access

Averail Access delivers unrivaled control over enterprise mobile content; transforming IT's approach to BYOD

San Jose, Calif., April 9, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- .

·       Unlike other solutions, Averail Access connects directly to Microsoft® SharePoint® and other storage sites without duplicating content - no need for enterprises to deploy new or redundant storage

·       Cloud-based management console provides IT with granular content controls and policy settings

·       Intuitive mobile application lets employees securely access and edit all types of business documents 

Averail™ today announced market availability of Averail™ Access, a new mobile content security solution, which provides trusted, mobile access to business content for the enterprise by leveraging existing infrastructure. Averail Access combines an intuitive mobile application with a cloud-powered, IT-managed console to mobilize business content in a way that's simple for employees, but meets the critical security standards of the enterprise. 

Averail Access delivers unprecedented content controls and policy settings. Unlike other solutions, Averail Access does not copy or sync content so there is no need to deploy new or redundant storage for mobile employees. For employees, the Averail Access mobile application for iPad® lets them browse, manage and edit all types of business documents, whether stored in Microsoft SharePoint, Office 365 or Dropbox.

"Today's workforce has gone mobile, but business content has not. To stay productive, employees are finding workarounds that can compromise corporate security," said Averail CEO, Marc Olesen. "IT not only has the challenge of securing and managing the devices employees are bringing into the enterprise, they also must securely mobilize business content. Averail Access helps IT reign in content chaos, keeping sensitive enterprise content secure while delivering mobile productivity for employees."

"We're all aware of the dangers of BYOD and the possible breach of security that's potentially rampant as a result," said IDC research analyst, Ben Hoffman. "Enterprise IT is playing catch-up. Lots of companies have jumped on the bandwagon to offer up their solutions and services. However, to date, while numerous companies have delved into tackling the issue of extensive IT admin control over the device itself, very few companies have succeeded at tackling the problem around comprehensive content management. Averail is a strong entrant into this space."

Averail Access solves the challenge of providing mobile access to business content in a way that is IT-controlled, cloud-powered and user-friendly.

·       IT-Controlled:  Averail Access provides a unique level of content controls, offering granular policies and enterprise-class protection. Document, device and user awareness gives IT better flexibility to appropriately manage sensitive and non-sensitive content. Averail Access safeguards mobile content on the device with 256-bit AES encryption managed by the enterprise. Averail Access gives organizations the tools they need to confidently share business documents with mobile employees.

·       Cloud-powered:  Averail Access is a cloud-based solution enabling quick deployment while lowering the upfront investment. Averail Access does not store content in the cloud, but instead connects to the places where business documents are already stored, providing direct access via authentication, to Microsoft® SharePoint® and Dropbox. Administrators can then layer on additional policies and security protections to content to address mobile users. Unlike other on-premise solutions, Averail Access does not require changes to firewalls to access corporate content or synchronization of content on separate hardware. This provides a controlled flow of content from the source location to mobile users and ensures that companies maintain consistent end-to-end governance over their information.

·       User-friendly: Averail Access provides a secure mobile app to access to all types of business files - whether stored in on-premise or cloud repositories - from iPad® so busy professionals can easily browse, manage, search and share business content on mobile devices - even while offline. Administrators can publish files to folders on the mobile app allowing end users to automatically see the content when they sign into their device.

Averail Access is a mobile content security solution that combines a web-based management portal for administrators to control content on mobile devices with an application deployed on these mobile devices that enables employees to browse, manage, share and search for files located in enterprise content repositories behind a firewall or in the cloud.  

Averail Access is ideal for companies with large teams of mobile professionals, such as sales and marketing professionals who need timely access to corporate content to collaborate in the field. The solution was also designed for those with strict corporate governance or regulatory requirements over information, such as financial, healthcare or insurance professionals. Today, Averail Access connects iPads to Dropbox, SkyDrive Pro, Microsoft Office 365, and Microsoft SharePoint, which is the standard enterprise content management solution for 70 percent of enterprise environments1. Averail Access will evolve to support additional repositories and mobile platforms. 


Averail™ Access is now available in the Apple App Store. For more information or to start a 30-day trial account, visit:

About Averail:

Founded in 2011 and based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Averail is focused on providing secure mobile content solutions for the enterprise. The company's product, Averail Access, uses the power of cloud computing to give employees mobile access to their business documents while preserving IT control and keeping business content within IT-managed systems. With Averail Access, enterprises can now confidently provide mobile employees secure and easy access to the information they need to stay productive and deliver business results. The Averail executive team is comprised of enterprise technology and security software veterans from companies like McAfee, Cisco, Symantec and Microsoft. Averail investors include Foundation Capital and Storm Ventures. To learn more visit:

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1 Source : Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM), 2012


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