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RYE BROOK, NY--(Marketwired - Apr 9, 2013) - ImageWare Systems (OTCQB: IWSY)

HP Enterprise Services

Mr. George Romas, Technical Director, Cybersecurity Solutions Group, U.S. Public Sector, HP Enterprise Services, told us, "There's a collision between culture, technology, and security. Solutions over the past decade have centered around collaboration, common infrastructure, and information sharing. As threats and vulnerabilities have become more prevalent, security standards and guidelines were developed and published at a rapid pace, sometimes with the potential for diminished information sharing. Today's solutions must satisfy these security standards while maintaining the collaboration and productivity improvements provided by modern computing platforms. We need to develop innovative solutions that take advantage of the new style of IT, yet provide more comprehensive levels of security and assurance."

For the complete interview with Mr. George Romas: www.securitystockwatch.com/Interviews/in_Boardroom_HP_Romas.html

HP Cybersecurity for US Public Sector - http://www8.hp.com/us/en/industries/public-sector.html?compURI=1087497
HP Applications Security for US Public Sector - http://www8.hp.com/us/en/industries/public-sector.html?compURI=1087496
HP Identity and Access Management for US Public Sector - http://www8.hp.com/us/en/industries/public-sector.html?compURI=1087501
HP Cybersecurity for Defense - http://www8.hp.com/us/en/industries/public-sector.html?compURI=1087536
HP Global Enterprise Security - http://www.hpenterprisesecurity.com/
Join HP's Enterprise Security Trends Blog - http://h30507.www3.hp.com/t5/Enterprise-Security-Trends-Blog/bg-p/information-security-trends
Join the HP Security Lab Blog - http://h30499.www3.hp.com/t5/Information-Faster-Blog/bg-p/sws-274


ImageWare Systems

ImageWare Systems recently announced that, "In March 2013, ImageWare entered into a contract with Fujitsu under which ImageWare will deploy a cloud-based, multi-modal biometric identity management offering that will be delivered on the Fujitsu Global Cloud Platform (FGCP). ImageWare's CloudID™ product suite, anchored by its patented, multi-modal Biometric Engine® (BE) 2.0, will be offered on the FGCP, which is expected to be one of the world's largest cloud platforms.

As part of the agreement, ImageWare's products will be licensed on a service or transactional basis. The solution is expected to be introduced in North America in the second quarter of 2013, with plans to collaborate on a global expansion model in the near future, and will target large enterprise businesses and emerging applications. The agreement, which is in addition to ImageWare's previously announced three-year software license agreement with Fujitsu's NuVola Private Cloud Platform, is expected to significantly increase revenues while providing greater stability and forward-looking visibility.

"Our goal to establish a leadership position in biometric-based identity management for the cloud is becoming a reality," said Jim Miller, chairman and CEO of ImageWare. "By working with a leading IT innovator such as Fujitsu, ImageWare is able to quickly and efficiently enter the cloud-based arena and gain access to a broader base of clients in the commercial market. The launch of ImageWare's products on the FGCP is a significant step for us and we look forward to a potential worldwide deployment in the near future. Further, by licensing our products on a service or transactional basis, we expect to see a significant improvement in our revenue model and eliminate our historically lumpy sales that have been difficult to predict."

ImageWare also continued to advance the development of its biometric-secured mobile transaction technology, building upon the wireless push technology and related patents it acquired from VOCEL in the second quarter of 2012. In December 2012, the company released the first demonstration models of this mobile technology to key potential corporate users and is currently in licensing discussions with several clients.

Integrating wireless push technology with ImageWare's biometric solutions provides the missing security link facing a growing number of enterprises and government agencies using mobile platforms to transact business or interact with their users. The solution is applicable for healthcare, law enforcement, banking and retail, or any organization requiring highly-reliable and flexible identity verification of their mobile users.

Miller concluded: "Our strategy to diversify ImageWare's revenue stream and decrease our dependency upon larger government projects is beginning to gain traction. Although we will continue to pursue government contracts, our SaaS, mobile and cloud offerings in the commercial and consumer markets will provide us with a more stable, recurring revenue stream and a clearer picture of ImageWare's long-term opportunity."

For the complete interview with Jim Miller, ImageWare Systems, Chairman and CEO: www.securitystockwatch.com/Interviews/in_Boardroom_IMW.html

For more information:

IWS CloudID™: http://iwsinc.com/products/next-generation-iws-cloudid-product-suite/
ImageWare Systems Solutions: http://www.iwsinc.com/markets/overview
ImageWare Systems Products: http://www.iwsinc.com/products/overview2
For ImageWare Systems Investors: http://www.iwsinc.com/about-iws/investors/overview1
For more information: www.iwsinc.com (OTCQB: IWSY)



CyberLock recently announced the release of several software enhancements to its CyberAudit Professional management system. CyberAudit Professional 3.0 software offers streamlined reporting and notification capabilities, compatibility with CyberKey Vaults (www.cyberlock.com/cyberkey-vaults.html) and Flex System (www.cyberlock.com/flex_system_input_output_modules.html) input and output devices, and provides activation for the Flex System Door & I/O module (www.cyberlock.com/flex_system_door_controller.html) relay device.

By using the CyberLock Flex System Door & I/O module, organizations can integrate with 3rd party Wiegand compatible access control devices, making the technology more suitable for organizations looking for a cost-effective way to expand their access control systems. Functions of the Door & I/O module include:

  • Locking and unlocking doors
  • Arming and disarming alarms
  • Activating other relay based devices

"A CyberLock System is built to the customer's specifications based on need. Many of the components are rated for outdoor use and can be mixed and matched to meet the unique requirements of a diverse market place," stated James McGowan, VP of Sales & Marketing. "With CyberLock and the Flex System, all access control requirements can be met and managed using one comprehensive and unified software platform."

The CyberAudit Professional management software is part of a smart key solution comprised of electronic locks (www.cyberlock.com/cyberlock_cylinders.html) and programmable keys (www.cyberlock.com/cyberkeys.html). The software allows users to assign key access schedules, set expirations, add new CyberLock electronic lock cylinders to the system, monitor employee and contractor access activities, and generate audit trails and custom reports.

For more information about CyberLock products: http://www.cyberlock.com/cyberlock_products.html.
For the complete interview with Mr. James McGowan, V.P. of Sales and Marketing, Videx: www.securitystockwatch.com/Interviews/in_Boardroom_VIDEX.html
For CyberLock News & Events: www.cyberlock.com/news_events.html
For the CyberLock Solutions Center: www.cyberlock.com/solutions_center.html
For more information: http://www.cyberlock.com



Sentry360 a USA megapixel camera manufacturer of surveillance products will be exhibiting at the ISC West 2013 on April 10-12th (http://www.mapyourshow.com/shows/index.cfm?Show_ID=iscwest13&exhid=365564&booth=23139&hall=A) and will be officially launching the world's smallest 14 mega-pixel camera. The IS-IP14K (http://sentry360.com/product/is-ip-14k/) is without a doubt the smallest lowest cost 14 mega-pixel (4376x3280) camera on the market today. The design idea was to go to market with a simple yet cost effective high-performing camera for mass markets. The InSight IS-IP14K can fit into most enclosures dome or fixed housings and is Onvif compliant making it accepted across an Echo System of video management systems.

The IS-IP14K (http://sentry360.com/product/is-ip-14k/) is the world's smallest 14 mega-pixel camera at 35mmx46mmx57mm (H,W,L) with active resolution of 4376x3280 delivering superior image quality even in low light situations and low cost at under $2000 Retail.

Mr. Thomas Carnevale, President and CEO, Sentry360, told us, "2012 brought several exciting flagship projects and record deployments for Oil and Gas, transportation & retail markets. All of Sentry360's cameras are securing JFK Airport Terminal 1. After an extensive product evaluation cycle by the end-user sentry360 were selected over the competition. In the retail space Sentry360 was selected as the megapixel camera of choice for Microsoft's Retail division. Sentry360 products were also chosen to secure several hundred natural gas fueling centers reducing their camera counts and improving while delivering forensic detail of license plates upon entrance and exits with our InSight™ 5 megapixel cameras and 360-degree coverage with our FullSight™ Omni-directional cameras."

For the complete interview with Mr. Thomas Carnevale, President and CEO, Sentry360: http://www.securitystockwatch.com/Interviews/in_Boardroom_Sentry360.html

For more information about Sentry360, please see these additional resources:

Sentry360 Blog: http://sentry360.wordpress.com

Sentry360 Partner Portal: Calculate Field-of-View, Image Quality & Storage/Bandwith along with tutorial and training videos we believe our portal is one of the most unique feature rich design tools for IP Video on the market and it's Free. http://sentry360.com/Partner/login.html#toregister

Sentry360 2012 Product Catalog: http://www.sentry360.com/files/Sentry360_Catalog_2012.pdf

Sentry360 Demonstration Videos: http://www.youtube.com/sentry360security



Mr. Don Erickson
Security Industry Association

"SIA and ISC together" is the best way to describe our relationship. In my more than seven years at SIA, I honestly believe the relationship between our two organizations has never been stronger. One simply needs to see the incredible branding of SIA that occurred at ISC East last year, and the ISC team has gone even farther with our branding at ISC West -- I cannot wait to see it next month. This is an excellent partnership that displays excellent collaboration between the ISC Team and SIA for our industry -- most of which are SIA members.

SIA is proud to be the sole industry sponsor of ISC West (www.iscwest.com), which is the most important security event of the year supported by SIA members -- the industry's technology leaders. The networking at ISC West is unparalleled; it's a unique opportunity for 25,000 security professionals to network with representatives from the security manufacturing industry. It's the perfect place to find the products and services you need, with 300,000 square feet of exhibition space and nearly 1,000 exhibitors.

One of the benefits of SIA membership is free registration for ISC East (www.isceast.com) and ISC West, the biggest security conventions in the country. In addition, SIA members exhibiting at ISC West can receive substantial discounts on exhibit space at the show.

ISC West attendees can interact with SIA by stopping by our booth (#3063) on the show floor, and visiting the SIA New Product Showcase (NPS) (www.sianps.com) display, a one-of-a-kind opportunity for vendors to show their customers the latest innovations. Don't miss the NPS awards ceremony on Wednesday, April 10.

SIA members and buyers of security products can join us at PURE nightclub on Tuesday, April 9 at 6:00 p.m. for our annual Customer Appreciation Reception (www.siaonline.org/content.aspx?id=9316). It's a great opportunity to network with industry partners and, more importantly, with end-users of security solutions.

For those who are staying in Las Vegas after the show, SIA's Ride for Education (www.siaonline.org/landing.aspx?id=9492) is being held on Saturday, April 13 at 9:00 a.m. This annual event raises money for educational opportunities for first responders, and registrants can rent either a car or motorcycle to participate in the event. Last year's ride included stops in the Valley of Fire and at Hoover Dam.

For the complete interview with Don Erickson, CEO, Security Industry Association: http://www.securitystockwatch.com/Interviews/in_Boardroom_SIA_DE.html 


Mr. Bill Bozeman, CPP
President and CEO
PSA Security Network

Bill Bozeman recently sat down with Terry Rivet, Owner of Securitronics (www.Securitronics.com) and Tom Hagen and Tim Ferrian from Pro-Tec (www.Pro-TecDesign.com). Here are some highlights from those interviews and for the complete interviews with Securitronics and Pro-Tec: www.securitystockwatch.com/Interviews/in_Boardroom_PSA.html.

Bill Bozeman: How does PSA benefit you as a problem solver in the security niche?

Terry Rivet: The best thing they do for us is give us access to more than just one solution as a product line. We've been able to sit down and decide for customers that just because we have access to a specific brand of camera, it doesn't necessarily mean that that's the camera that we should be providing. PSA provides us with the relationships and training that we need to make sure our customers are taken care of as they grow and expand.

Bill Bozeman: What one thing would you like to tell a potential client about Securitronics?

Terry Rivet: The one most important thing is that you will enjoy working with our people. They understand and take pride in the fact that we're going to take care of the security industry in that facility and they are proud of it.

Bill Bozeman: Tell us about Pro'Tec's mission, vision and values, and how do they impact your day-to-day activities?

Tim Ferrian: For me specifically as the director of Sales and Marketing we're looking to add to our group all of the time. I tend to look for people that are on the leading edge of technology, it tends to be a little bit of a younger crowd because I've noticed that the landscape of our end users customers is also changing with the introduction of IT technology and how the decisions are being changed from what use to be the security directors making these decisions to more of the IT group. We're finding that we're having more success when the sales group is a little bit younger and is communicating to those younger IT people. The best thing about Pro-Tec stems from our mission, vision and values. Especially our values, which are really just great rules or characteristics that I think everybody should live by, be it your work life or personal life. We talk about those things openly during the recruiting process and let them know that because of those values this is really a place where good people are allowed and encouraged to do good things and build a career, a career that could be 20 and 30 years long.

Bill Bozeman: What is one thing you'd like to say about Pro-Tec design?

Tom Hagen: My message would be this, "A good system architecture provides a roadmap for the portion of the road yet to be built." We think that is really important. We think that anything we design or propose for a customer should have a long view in mind. Anything that we do that adds on to an existing system, we should do it in a way that would maximize the investment they've already made and be a stepping stone towards the end result that they want to get to.


ISC West 2013
Sands Expo & Convention Center, Las Vegas, NV- April 10-12 2013

As the first major trade event of the year, ISC West, sponsored by SIA, is known throughout the physical security industry as the launch pad for new products. And this year, ISC expects to unveil more new products & technologies than ever before. Taking place April 10-12 at the Sands Expo & Convention Center in Las Vegas, the event, which traditionally features over 900 security manufacturers, is already over 97% sold out.

All indicators are pointing toward a solid year for the physical security market in the US. Returning to this year's show are industry heavy-hitters ADI, ASSA ABLOY Americas, Axis Communications Inc., HID Global, Honeywell International, Napco Security Technologies Inc., Panasonic, Pelco by Schneider Electric, Samsung Techwin America, Tri-Ed Distribution, Tyco Security Products, and many more. What's more exciting are the 150 new exhibitors never before seen at ISC West.

More and more ISC West attendees are supplementing their expo experience by taking advantage of the SIA Education @ ISC education program, which takes place Tuesday, April 9 - Thursday, April 11. With the mantra to deliver "better educated security consumers," SIA Education @ ISC delivers top-notch, commercial-free education that prepares conference attendees to ask probing questions about the security products and technologies found on the show floor and identify the right security solutions for their enterprises.

To register for this year's ISC West or for more information, visit www.iscwest.com.



Two Important Research Reports Are Now Available for Security and Smart Grid Executives, Professionals and Investors

The Physical Security Business in 2012
This Report is the NEW 2012 Definitive Resource for Physical Security Market Research & Investment Analysis.
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Learn how the industry is reforming in order to develop new security products and systems which will satisfy what end users need to reduce operating costs and move security from a cost center to one that delivers a Return on Investment.

Review the Future of Emerging Technology Drivers. The shift from analog to IP has accelerated through the recession, as both manufacturers and consumers focus their spending on technology that can be scalable and deliver IT Convergence to meet existing and future requirements. Game changing technologies which are expanding future business opportunities include; Wireless, Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS) and Managed Video (MVaaS), Situational Awareness technology including Analytics, PSIM and PIAM.

There is an enormous latent demand for physical security products waiting to be exploited in the emerging markets of the world. China for example currently has a penetration of one sixth of the USA but this stood at one tenth in 2011, so the Chinese market is growing rapidly by using up this latent potential.

Within its 186 pages and 19 charts and tables, the report sieves out ALL the key facts and draws conclusions, so you can understand what is shaping the future of the physical security industry.
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The Smart Building to Smart Grid Interface Business
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What is the Future Potential of the Smart Building to Smart Grid Interface Business?
Within its 89 pages and over 10 charts and tables, the report delivers key information to industry executives and investors.
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CARTES America
23-25 April 2013
Las Vegas, NV, USA

CARTES America recently announced, "The EMV standard is paving the way for the evolution in the United States from magnetic stripe cards to more intelligent payment devices. Key stakeholders in the financial services and retail industries will gather at CARTES America in Las Vegas, Nev. on April 23-25, 2013 to discuss the roadmap to EMV adoption in a series of daily keynote conference sessions."

"On Tuesday, April 23, Catherine Johnston, president and CEO, ACT Canada, will host a retail panel on Why Are Merchants and their Acquirers so Outspoken about EMV, consisting of representatives from the Merchant Advisory Group, the National Restaurant Association and NACS, the National Association for Convenience and Fuel Retailing. "

"MasterCard's Mario Shiliashki, senior vice president & group head, Global eCommerce Product Development, will address how convergence is the foundation for future payment in his keynote address on Wednesday, April 24. In the closing keynote session on Thursday, April 25 ABnote's CEO Steven Singer will present the topic, EMV by Itself is not the Holy Grail. "

All keynote sessions will take place from 9 a.m. - 10 a.m. in the Bermuda room at The Mirage Hotel and are open to all participants attending the conference and the exhibition.

CARTES America is the region's leading annual event dedicated to secure digital solutions. Around 140 international exhibitors present innovative products and solutions in card manufacturing, payment systems, identification and authentication, mobility and digital security.

The conferences gather industry experts and end-users from banks, telecom, retail, government and transportation, and provide high-level content around NFC, Mobile Payment and EMV migration.

2,200 decision makers from the US, Canada and South America are expected. It is a unique occasion to network and develop new partnerships, develop strategies for winning new business and breaking into strong growth markets.

CARTES America is produced by Comexposium, the organizer of the world's leading event in smart security and innovative payments: CARTES, Secure Connexions Event, in Paris.

For more information: www.cartes-america.com


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