Hospitality Innovator Electric Mirror Holds Its First Global Sales Conference at Its Pacific Northwest Headquarters

SEATTLE, WA--(Marketwired - April 10, 2013) - Electric Mirror, a U.S. technology development and manufacturing company known for its innovation and long line of industry firsts, held its first conference with Sales Representatives from all over the world.

"We had a goal of bringing our Sales Reps up-to-speed on the growth of our company from new products to new personnel, and succeeded at it marvelously," said Electric Mirror President Jim Mischel.

Fifty Sales Reps covering the hospitality, commercial, and residential markets for Electric Mirror, representing North and South America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East were in attendance. In addition to a full factory tour at the Electric Mirror headquarters, sales representatives were introduced to Vive™, the first and only Bluetooth wireless technology-enabled mirror, and Portal +, an application that allows complete configuration control of hospitality mirror TVs; both are new products of Electric Mirror.

The conference theme was: Educate, Inspire, and Empower. "We wanted to educate our representatives with the newest and latest, inspire them with our innovation, and empower them with a winning strategy," said Mischel, adding, "We are the industry leader in the world of Lighted Mirror and Mirror TV product lines. We offer the best and most reliable products of the highest quality, and we showed it all to our most important conduit to our customers."

The event was a terrific success.

"Truly our conference was one of the most valuable I've ever attended. A main reason is because you made the effort to listen and incorporate our ideas," Leslie Carroll, Style Resource, Fairfax, California.

"The conference was great... all the talk within the reps ranks was all very appreciative and grateful. Honesty and transparency is always the best policy, and also creates more unity. In that, I would say a culture of 'Unity' was established that will serve us all very well going forward," Martha Childress, Martha Childress Manufactures Representative, Bellevue, Washington.

Electric Mirror is proud to have a family of global sales representatives who earnestly promote its products with deep passion and comprehensive knowledge.

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