Baton Rouge Veterinarian Warns of Rising Pet Dental Problems

Baton Rouge, Louisiana, UNITED STATES

BATON ROUGE, La., April 14, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Baton Rouge veterinarian Dr. Sam Haase and fellow veterinarians Dr. Frederic Michaelson and Dr. Chris Hayes are fighting back against the increase in pet dental problems. According to recent estimates, Dr. Haase says nearly three out of every four cats and dogs over the age of three years has periodontal disease, an oral health problem that can lead to tooth loss and serious bacterial infections. The veterinarians are raising awareness about the importance of good dental hygiene to prevent periodontal disease, tooth loss, bacterial infections and other health problems.

With dogs and cats increasingly facing serious dental problems like periodontal disease, the veterinary team at Jefferson Animal Hospital is working to reverse this trend.

"Pets suffering from periodontal disease can be in significant pain and experience difficulty eating, drinking or even playing a game of fetch," said Baton Rouge veterinarian Dr. Haase. "Our veterinary hospital sees every day the serious effects of poor oral hygiene on pets. From tooth loss to bacterial infections, maintaining a pet's oral health is essential to preventing a whole host of health problems."

Periodontal disease is a gum condition characterized by red, puffy, swollen and bleeding gums. The buildup of bacteria and food particles along a pet's gum line causes this oral health condition. Over time this build up will harden into tartar. Tartar can push away the gum line, increase the risk for tooth loss and creating pockets of space that are susceptible to bacterial infections.

Veterinarian Dr. Frederic Michaelson says that many pet owners ignore the warning signs of oral health problems without even realizing that they are doing so. This is why the vet hospital is working so hard to educate pet owners about the importance of dentistry as part of routine pet wellness care.

"Many pet owners mistakenly ignore their pets' oral health, assuming that a case of bad pet breath is simply par for the course," said Dr. Michaelson. "In reality, bad breath is a symptom of more serious oral health problems. That's why we are raising awareness with pet owners about the importance of good pet dental hygiene."

The veterinarians recommend that pet owners schedule an annual dental cleaning for their dogs and cats as part of routine pet wellness care. During this cleaning, the veterinary care team will scrape away plaque and tartar build up, reducing the risk for gum disease and tooth loss.

"Pet dentistry is just as important as pet vaccinations and wellness check-ups," said Dr. Haase. "An annual dental cleaning is essential to reducing the risk for more serious oral health problems."

In addition to pet dentistry, Jefferson Animal Hospital provides comprehensive pet wellness care for dogs and cats, including pet acupuncture, microchipping and pet urgent care services.

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