Enlighten Announces Launch of "Digital Yearbook" YearlyMe

Ann Arbor, Michigan, UNITED STATES

Ann Arbor, MI, April 22, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Enlighten announced today the launch of YearlyMe (www.yearlyme.com), a digital photo archive website that allows users to upload and share one photo for every year of their lives. The "digital yearbook" aims to provide users with a simple way to document, preserve and share photographs over the course of a lifetime. 

"The primary goal is pretty straightforward: to build a simple, fun, sharable platform that taps into our desire to see how people look over time," says Steve Glauberman, CEO of Enlighten. "I think it provides interesting context into how people became who they are today. It's always interesting to watch others grow and change as time goes by."

Focused on promoting ease of use, YearlyMe was designed to deliver a seamless photo sharing experience. Drawing influence from picture albums and yearbooks, the site allows users to showcase photos in a manner that feels natural - and even nostalgic - to viewers. "The site has the highly functional feel of a social site app, and uses Facebook Connect to facilitate easy photo retrieval and sharing," says Asif Gill, senior software engineer with Enlighten. "Users can choose to source photos from an existing Facebook account, or upload them from their desktops. The idea is to post one photo from every year of your life and share your album with others. It's a fast, fun, free way to showcase your evolving look for family and friends." The best part of the experience, Asif says, is piecing together periods of your life and seeing how you've changed. "Most people have at least the last five years of pictures in Facebook, which offers a great starting point."

YearlyMe was designed and developed by Enlighten Ventures, a sister company of award-winning Ann Arbor, MI-based digital agency Enlighten. "We strive to foster an environment of innovation, and we reward those who help push us in this direction," Steve Glauberman says. "While we're clearly dependent on client work, these kinds of projects can sometimes provide us with opportunities we can't find elsewhere. They allow us to experiment with concepts early on."

For more information on YearlyMe, or to create your own digital yearbook, please visit www.yearlyme.com.

About Enlighten Ventures

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