More is Better with Humana, Aetna, and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan; DALBAR Releases Report on Explanation of Benefit Statements

Marlborough, Massachusetts, UNITED STATES

BOSTON, April 23, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- DALBAR, Inc. announced today the release of the fourth annual Trends and Best Practices in Explanation of Benefit (EOB) Statements report. This report evaluates the effectiveness of EOBs in addressing the needs of the health insurance plan member.

Both the needs of customers and government mandates require companies to disclose more information than ever before. While the complexity of detailed information can overwhelm consumers, leaders in the industry continue to expand the amount of data they provide while highlighting those items that are of particular relevance. These leading insurers include:

  • Humana: Combines comprehensive financial data and effective messaging, includes dental and prescription information in an at-a-glance view, clearly shows the "math" involved and includes explanations of terms and uses effective graphics and layout to consolidate and highlight items.
  • Aetna: The EOB simplifies information about who paid what, highlights how much the consumer still needs to pay and clearly shows the "math" involved and adds details in a payment summary. In addition, the EOB includes messaging about cost savings, customer service and preventative care.
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan: Details information about who paid what, lays out the math underlying the numbers, gives understandable account information and provides individual and family annual totals.

"The EOB continues to be the most reviewed and critical document in an increasingly competitive environment where consumers seek greater cost savings and understanding," said Kathleen Whalen, Managing Director of Dalbar. She added, "Insurers that can deliver on providing information important to decision-making in a user-friendly manner will reinforce a sense of trust and confidence among consumers facing financial difficulties and who have become disillusioned with the health insurance industry as a whole."

The EOBs were evaluated using a method that has been developed and refined over the past two decades of evaluating print and electronic communication. Communications earned credit for including features that strongly impact a consumer's ability to act prudently and make decisions. Features include the ability to understand the significance of the information, answer pertinent questions and utilize design elements that enhanced their overall effectiveness.

For more information on the Annual Trends & Best Practices in Explanation of Benefit Statements industry report or on Dalbar's Explanation of Benefit Evaluation services, please visit the web site at or contact Brooke Halloran at 617-624-7273 or

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