Intalio announces release of Eclipse(TM) Jetty 9

Adds native support for modern protocols


PALO ALTO, Calif., April 24, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Intalio, the leading provider of solutions for businesses to build modern, agile cloud applications, announced the release Eclipse™ Jetty version 9. Jetty is one of the most widely deployed application servers. Its small memory footprint and high performance make it the perfect choice as the platform for modern, scalable, custom applications using a variety of popular programming languages and frameworks.

With version 9, Jetty continues its leadership in enabling developers to focus on building applications more easily. Jetty 9 has major new features providing native support for modern protocols and standards while improving performance and centralizing documentation:

  • Native support for newer WebSocket and SPDY protocols, paving the way to smooth support for HTTP 2.0, means applications and pages that load faster on supported browsers.
  • Jetty 9 is designed to support the forthcoming Servlet 3.1 and JSR-356 specifications.
  • New asynchronous clients make it easier to develop applications accessing remote sites or write test frameworks to test scale for HTTP, WebSocket, and SPDY.
  • Centralized documentation makes it easier for anyone to contribute to and edit Jetty documentation.

"In addition to feature upgrades and refinements, we had a broader vision for Jetty 9. We built a platform that shields the user from the "sea changes" of emerging standards that are now changing the web," said Greg Wilkins, Chief Architect of Webtide at Intalio.

Raj Jain, CEO of Intalio, added, "Jetty 9 allows users to focus on building business functionality while still taking advantage of new web features with confidence that Jetty will remain the robust and flexible platform so many have come to rely on."

Jetty is available as an Open Source product under the Eclipse Public License. The Intalio team is the primary contributor to the Jetty Open Source project. Intalio|Jetty is a suite of services for mission critical applications built on Eclipse™ Jetty.

To migrate your installation of Jetty to Jetty 9, learn about ways to optimize your Jetty installation, or schedule custom services and training, contact Intalio at Learn more at

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