Simulmedia Opens Free Access on Its Website to Part of World's Most Robust TV Audience Database and Advertising Platform

Launches Open Access Project With Data on +100 National TV Ad Campaigns

NEW YORK, May 6, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Simulmedia, a pioneer in audience-based television ad targeting, today at the ANA Financial Management annual conference in Phoenix, announced it has launched Open Access Project, an initiative that will allow free access on its website ( to key parts of its database, insights and platform tools. This includes access to reach, frequency and cost performance data on recent national TV campaigns from more than 100 national advertisers.

This is a beta release and will be expanded over the next month to include more than 300 national advertisers and more than two years of campaigns. Within the searchable database at launch will be actual reach and frequency charts for each campaign by month and by different target audiences, the share of voice comparisons for each market competitor, the reach contributions by each TV network on the campaign as well as the cost-per-reach points for each network.

"Audience fragmentation across channels, timeslots and devices has made TV advertising much less efficient than it used to be. Two-thirds of TV spots today in the U.S. are wasted and don't need to be," says Dave Morgan, Simulmedia's CEO. "Our mission is to show exactly which ones they are and how brands and agencies can avoid that kind of waste while continuing to harness the power of TV's reach capabilities. This kind of information with this granularity and transparency has never before been offered to the advertising and media marketplace."

Simulmedia has built the largest data-driven unwired advertising TV network in the U.S. today. The Simulmedia Audience Network reaches more viewers than the top two broadcast networks combined, the result of unique inventory partnerships with seven of the eight largest cable, satellite and teleco TV operators and more than 30 national cable networks. The platform processes daily, second-by-second anonymous viewing behaviors from more than 50 million US TV viewers – fused with Nielsen's entire national measurement panel and anonymous consumer purchase data from MRI.

"With predictive technologies and programmatic media management system, Simulmedia is able to turn this data into highly-precise campaigns for agencies and advertisers that want to deliver massive incremental reach against specific target audiences without the enormous wasted frequency that weighs down virtually all national TV campaigns today, and so undermines the efficiency of TV advertising," adds Mr. Morgan. "We deliver national campaigns with guaranteed reach, frequency and audience composition and back it up with robust, timely and transparent measurement and insights into the actual audiences reached."

Over the course of 2013, Simulmedia will also open up on its website ( access to its TV media planning tools, its programmatic activation tools, and its transparent reporting and measurement tools.

"TV advertising is about to become a lot more open, transparent and less wasteful," concludes Mr. Morgan. "TV's capacity to reach US consumers with impactful messaging is still unparalleled, but it needs more openness and to better leverage data to achieve its full potential."

Simulmedia, Inc. ( is a New York City-based television ad targeting company and operates the Simulmedia Audience Network, the world's first data-driven audience network for television. The company's targeting platform leverages predictive technologies and anonymous viewing data from more than 50 million US TV viewers to help national advertisers and their agencies better reach their target audiences, and better measure the results. Simulmedia aggregates TV audiences through partnerships with TV system operators and national networks and reach all 115 million US TV households. Over the past year, the company helped dozens of national marketers and their agencies target, deliver and measure more than 400 campaigns and see results which were 25-300% better than they were able to achieve with traditional TV ad scheduling and targeting methods.

Founded and led by Internet entrepreneur Dave Morgan, Simulmedia is backed by Avalon Ventures, Union Square Ventures and Time Warner Investments.


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