HoverCam Makes Video Recording Breakthrough

San Diego, California, UNITED STATES

SAN DIEGO, May 8, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Pathway Innovations and Technologies, Inc. updated the video recording software in HoverCam Flex to accomplish unprecedented performance. Flex is the PC and Mac software built into HoverCam products to simplify scanning documents, business cards, receipts, etc. as well as capturing video. Whenever Flex launches, it checks for updates and a new one is out now that improves video frame rates. Over USB2, frame rates are bottlenecked by the bus but several HoverCam models still manage up to 30fps for their AVI captures in some resolutions (the best at 1280x720).

It is not unusual for document cameras to use a USB2 port to exchange data with a computer but typically a VGA or HDMI connection would be used to yield 30fps at higher resolutions. The significance of this change means that one cable can be used to power the device and exchange data with much improved picture quality. The advancement simplifies user experience while advancing camera technology.

In addition, the new video software gives the user the ability to choose between recording objects placed under the camera or a screen capture mode. Either mode may be used with HoverCam's built in microphone. The result videos are a compressed .avi file that can be uploaded to various cloud services via HoverCam Flex.

A HoverCam document camera is a combination webcam, scanner and presentation device with a post that acts in place of a tripod. Files scanned or recorded by the HoverCam are saved directly to your computer for editing or sharing. The software also includes OCR, digital signature and the ability to create multipage files, such as ebooks.

HoverCam document cameras are available through a series of authorized dealers throughout the country. Special pricing for government and education are available. They may also be purchased directly at http://www.thehovercam.com.

HoverCam products were first introduced to North America in 2010, where over 100,000 HoverCam units have been installed in schools. Pathway Innovations and Technologies, Inc. has since been expanding their document camera line to accommodate fields such as legal, law enforcement, higher education, architecture and medicine. The company is based in San Diego, California.


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