Electric Mirror Reaffirms Its Leadership Position With Made-in-the-USA Lighted Mirror Manufacturing

Electric Mirror Is the Market Leader Worldwide for Lighted Mirror and Mirror TVs While Providing Hundreds of Jobs Locally

SEATTLE, WA--(Marketwired - May 15, 2013) -  Electric Mirror, the innovative technology leader in the Lighted Mirror industry, reaffirms that its suite of products are designed, engineered, and manufactured completely in the USA. Electric Mirror has over 200 employees working in its Pacific Northwest state-of-the-art manufacturing facility which houses sophisticated engineering, electronic assembly, sheet-metal production, mirror fabrication, and wood crafting. CEO Jim Mischel says, "We believe our Made-in-the-USA production is the best way to ensure top-quality construction for every mirror we produce. We've removed the risk of dealing with vendors who outsource to multiple suppliers on multiple continents."

When Electric Mirror opened its doors in 1996, the company made a firm commitment to producing its products domestically. "From the beginning, we knew that we would create our products in the USA, rather than outsourcing. The benefits of consistent quality, shorter lead times, and full control are exactly what help us lead our industry," said Mischel. The company also has a continued commitment to creating jobs on American soil, helping to stimulate our own US economy.

COO Mike Montgomery adds, "Because our manufacturing facilities are in-house, in the USA, if you need your order quickly, we can expedite production without having to wait for third-party vendors or long-distance shipping." He also explains that customers love the peace of mind that comes from using a US-based company that offers on-time delivery and customer support for years into the future.

Electric Mirror strongly promotes its ability to custom-build a mirror to any design specifications, which can be easily done when each step of production is housed under one roof. As an example, an Electric Mirror design was recently featured in a luxury bathroom project that won first place in a Boutique Design New York international competition created for the Washington Plaza Hotel in Washington DC.

Customer demand for Electric Mirror's products has been growing rapidly, which has contributed to the need for more production space. Electric Mirror recently completed its fifth expansion, relocating to a 50,000 square facility that houses its entire 200+ employee workforce, with a busy production floor located just steps away from the engineering staff.

These days, that production floor runs three shifts to keep pace with large hotel orders like one from the Hawthorne Hotels just over a month ago, when the company broke its production record for a single 24-hour period by turning out 749 Lighted Mirrors. According to Allen Beeman, VP of Operations for Electric Mirror, April was a big month, "We produced over 6,500 mirrors for more than 240 hotels and 250 homes." And it's a pace that doesn't appear to be slowing down... which is just fine with the team at Electric Mirror.

To learn more about Electric Mirror, its products, and its technology, please visit www.electricmirror.com.

About Electric Mirror:

Electric Mirror® is the Leader in Lighted Mirrors and Mirror TV Technology™, serving the hospitality and residential industries for over fifteen years. With product lines that include modern Lighted Mirrors, Mirror TVs, Waterproof TVs, Medicine Cabinets, Corridor Lighting, and Makeup Mirrors, Electric Mirror's reputation in the luxury hotel industry is known throughout the design community as simply unsurpassed.

As the pioneer of lighted Mirror and Mirror TV design, Electric Mirror's industry-leading reputation for product innovation, customization, and made-in-the-USA quality is unmatched. Strong design and surprising technology make Electric Mirror's products instantly communicate flawless luxury to discerning hotel guests and homeowners worldwide. The company proudly holds 33 industry-leading patents, with dozens more pending.

Learn more about Electric Mirror and Vive™, the first and only Bluetooth® enabled Smart Mirror, by visiting www.electricmirror.com. To request a quote for Electric Mirror products, please contact sales@electricmirror.com or phone 425.776.4946.

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