Decision Lens Outlines Seven Steps to Help Reduce Budgets for Large Organizations

Decision Lens Can Help U.S. Government Eliminate National Debt and Resolve $80B Sequestration

ARLINGTON, VA--(Marketwired - May 21, 2013) - Decision Lens, the leading provider of cloud-based collaborative decision making software, announced today that it produced an article outlining the seven most effective tools to reduce budgets in large organizations. Based on a survey given to attendees during the American Association for Budget Program Analysis (AABPA) annual event, which was supported by the Federal Consulting Alliance, the report underscores how Decision Lens' unique hybrid platform combines technology with a patented analytical process that can effectively construct long-term budgets involving multiple decision makers. Already employed for several years by hundreds of local, state and federal agencies including large enterprises, Decision Lens is used to help key personnel to reach decisions on complex issues involving the hiring of executives, infrastructure projects, capital planning, and operating budgets. 

The survey at the AABPA event revealed that the majority of attendees felt the decisions being made regarding their organizations' budgets weren't producing the desired results. The study specifically touched on, "understanding the results that are produced and the relationship between outputs and outcomes enables the elimination of programs that produce the least results." The main cause of poor operating organizations is the allocation of budgeted dollars that aren't producing the stated goals of the particular program.

"Without question Decision Lens can help Congress and President Obama effectively remedy not only long-standing budget debacles but also our country's long-term debt," said John Kealey, CEO of Decision Lens. "The survey given to the conference attendees is an exercise and also a guide in how multiple decision makers at large organizations can arrive at concise decisions on very complex budgets."

Within the report Decision Lens evaluated seven tools for effective budget cutting:

1. Target Setting
What is the impact of a specific topline target?

2. Budget Scrub
How will funds be spent?

3. Prioritization
What programs/ activities are least important?

4. Results Analysis
Which outputs contribute the most to priority outcomes?

5. Cost Analysis
What is the cost of producing an output?

6.Process Analysis
How efficient is each process?

7. Portfolio
What is the relative ROI for outputs?

Decision Lens software is used across government and commercial organizations for better prioritization and resource allocation. Key clients include Amtrak, Experian, Northrop Grumman, Joint Staff, US Navy, Air Force, and Army, Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, and the Arizona Diamondbacks among other organizations.

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