Five Star Entertainment Capital Puts it's Mark on Napoleon Hill

Producer, Director, Writer Jeffrey Ross Partners With Five Star Entertainment Capital For The Worldwide Distribution of The Feature Film - Definitive Measures; A Film Based On The Bestselling Novel - Outwitting The Devil By Napoleon Hill

Carlsbad, California, UNITED STATES

Los Angeles, CA, June 18, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- FIVE STAR ENTERTAINMENT CAPITAL the next generation film finance and marketing company, announced today that it has teamed up with Producer, Jeffrey Ross (who was the Writer, Director and/or Producer on films including Lost and Found Family, Resurrection, Shadow Conspiracy, Night of Fire and The Making of the Celestine Prophecy), for the worldwide distribution of DEFINITIVE MEASURES, a film based on the best selling novel OUTWITTING THE DEVIL, written by Napoleon Hill and annotated by Sharon Lechter. Ross and Co-Writer Victoria Claibourn wrote the screenplay. Stellaris Films, a division of Stellaris International Enterprises will be producing the film. The announcement was made by Five Star Entertainment Capital's Chief Executive Officer James Hardy, President Tim Moore, Chief Operating Officer Neil Whiteley-Ross and Chief Marketing Officer Steve Nguyen.

"Outwitting The Devil" was originally written in 1938 by Hill as a sequel to his best selling book - THINK AND GROW RICH.  However, it was considered so controversial that it was placed in a vault for over seventy-four years. After retrieving it from the vault, The Napoleon Hill Foundation discerned that the messages in the manuscript were essential to improving the current human condition. The foundation then hired Sharon Lechter to annotate and edit the manuscript, and in June of 2011, the book was published by Sterling Publishing, and received rave reviews.

Stellaris Films Writer and Producer, Jeffrey Ross will oversee the Definitive Measures production. Assisting him will be Producers Bonnie Kanner and Lyle Howry.

Said Jeffrey Ross, "Outwitting The Devil, unlike any other book of its kind, has had an indelible impact on my life. My hope is that this film... Definitive Measures, will reach a wide audience, and succeed in enlightening and empowering the masses to seek their own self fulfillment."

Said Sharon Lechter, "The script is Outstanding!… I am seldom at a loss for words…but I believe the screenplay is exceptional. (and definitely hits on some of the hot buttons for me in the book…thank you).

Said James Hardy, "The book Outwitting The Devil is life changing! I have read Think and Grow Rich many times, but this book is even better. When the opportunity to be involved with the making of the movie Definitive Measures was offered, I jumped at the chance. This movie will impact millions of people over the years and I am ecstatic to be involved.."

The deal was negotiated for Stellaris International Enterprises by Jeffrey Ross, whom owns the rights to Outwitting The Devil for the film.


Definitive Measures is a light drama surrounding four friends: Steve, an early thirties bright, single man who deals with procrastination and confidence issues; Jared, a self-made millionaire who understands positive thinking but whose faith is questioned; Jorde, another millionaire, although his money was inherited and he doesn't appreciate its value; and Mathew, a successful, God-fearing man who runs his life and family under the controls of the church and perceived social morals.

After one of the friends suffers a serious accident, all four are forced to take an introspective look at their own lives - experience the various messages found in Outwitting the Devil - and how those messages, both positively and negatively, affect each one respectively.

The film opens fifteen years into the future on a sound stage and with the making of a motion picture. Within moments, we discover that the film being produced is the making of the book, Outwitting the Devil, with an actor playing Napoleon Hill from 1938, in his study. We view this production from behind the scenes. Along with us is a mysterious man also observing the production. So there is, essentially, a movie within the movie.  As the actor (Napoleon Hill) engages the Devil in a cross examination, the mysterious man, while listening to the exchange between Hill and the Devil and hearing the messages being delivered, reminisces to fifteen years earlier when he was one of four friends who, through life altering events, receive the message of Outwitting the Devil and permanently change their lives because of it.

This is a film that will cross over four totally separate and distinct markets: The Mainstream Market; The Spiritual-Base Market (motivational, inspirational: i.e. Rudy, Soul Surfer, etc.); The Faith-Base Market (Christian/Judaic Fundamentalism); and the Niche Market (readers/followers of the Secret, Tony Robbins, Dwayne Dyer, etc.).  It is a film for all ages, and for the ages, and one that will continue to positively influence lives for many years to come.

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