Compliance Assurance Corporation CEO to Speak at AICP Gulf States 2013 Education Day

CEO Jerry Shafran to kick-off conference with presentation on compliance best practices.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, UNITED STATES

Pittsburgh, PA, June 19, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Compliance Assurance Corporation (CAC), a leading provider of regulatory compliance solutions for the insurance industry, today announced that CEO Jerry Shafran will present at the AICP Gulf States 2013 Education Day in Atlanta on June 21st.

Shafran will speak alongside Tony Roehl, Attorney at Morris, Manning & Martin, on proactive compliance best practices and self-audits. The discussion will also touch on the 'how-to's' of compliance life cycle management.

Shafran comments, "Regulatory compliance is critical for insurance firms, yet many are still lacking the appropriate processes and procedures needed to streamline these tasks. At CAC, we believe technology plays a huge role in how firms can simplify these processes. We're looking forward to discussing the numerous benefits technology can bring to the space."

AICP Gulf States Chapter is comprised of five southeastern states including Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Mississippi. Each year the organization hosts an education day to provide an engaging forum for chapter members and industry experts to discuss best practices, regulatory updates and new industry trends. To learn more about CAC, contact

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About Compliance Assurance Corporation

Compliance Assurance Corporation (CAC) delivers workflow-enabled technology solutions that automate and simplify tasks related to regulatory compliance. The firm's flagship Comply on Demand Enterprise (CODE) platform provides the combination of regulatory intelligence and a comprehensive framework for managing regulatory changes across an organization. CODE has been implemented by some of the nation's largest P&C, Life and Health insurance companies. CAC is a division of StoneRiver Risk and Compliance.

For more information on CAC and CODE, visit or call 1-877-690-6201.


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