Houston-Based Marketing Agency "LatReach LLC" Takes Volkswagen's Seat-Mexico to the Top of the World Automotive Industry in Social Media Rankings

Houston, Texas, UNITED STATES

According to the 2013 SocialBrands100 report which benchmarks brand engagement in Social Media, identifying industry leaders and providing a snapshot of its evolution each year, SEAT-Mexico, the Mexican division of the Spanish automobile brand and member of the Volkswagen-Group, ranked first place within the World's Auto Industry and 8th in the general ranking.

HOUSTON, June 20, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

With the use of diverse and modern tools for social interaction, Seat-Mexico's Social Media followers have access to timely, accurate, and updated information about the model range sold in the country, as well as to receive immediate response to all of their doubts and comments about the brand and/or customer service needs.

"Our client's priority is centered on the attention to their brand's Social Media followers. There are 200,000 SEAT cars in Mexico, though the brand has nearly a million followers in social networks which is an extraordinary sales potential; if response is not speedy and of high quality the brand's reputation will suffer," says Jose Luis Flores, CEO and Founder of LatReach LLC, the agency that manages Social Media for the Spanish brand in Mexico.

By mid 2013, LatReach processes 20,000 followers' comments every month which include a large volume of concise brand related questions. Every single comment is answered, tagged, classified and analyzed to identify tendencies, areas of opportunity and general customer preferences. It has become one of the brand's strongest sources of market research enabling the team to listen and care for current and potential customers. "At LatReach we seek to be catalysts for profound social analysis and help our brands to deeply understand their customers so they can provide them with the precise quality product and/or service they seek. It's really amazing how much you can learn about your consumer via social networks if you use the right tools to listen carefully," Jose Luis Flores added.

About LatReach LLC

LatReach LLC is a Houston-based Marketing agency that in 2012 opened offices in the city of Puebla, Mexico to specifically address the needs of SEAT-Mexico. Ellen Cerwinka, Creative Director at the agency, says: "For us it is an honor to have our work with SEAT Mexico recognized; the brand is our first customer in Mexico, who put our theory to the test in a different market than the US, and has been tremendously successful. Being among the 10 social brands in the world and #1 in the industry is an indescribable joy."

SocialBrands100 identifies and acknowledges brands leading the way in social. The research combines qualitative and quantitative analysis. Nominated brands' social interactions on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube are monitored by social media analytics. Specialists survey and interview nominated brands to benchmark behaviors and identify emerging platforms and trends.

Download the complete SocialBrands100 ranking report: http://shout.lt/jkz5


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