Factor.io Announces the Public Beta of its Workflow Automation Service for Continuous Code Deployment

Hosted Platform Streamlines DevOps Processes Needed to Track, Document and Deploy Code for Advanced Application and Infrastructure Development in a Single, Simple Interface

Portland, Oregon, UNITED STATES

SAN FRANCISCO (GIGAOM STRUCTURE), June 20, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Factor.io, a unified platform that enables developers to automate the deployment of code across multiple services in their development process, today announced its public beta. Factor.io enables developers to automate tedious infrastructure and application development processes by connecting tools such as GitHub, Heroku, Trello, HipChat, Chef and the many others already used in their workflow into a simple if-this-then-that (IFTTT) interface. As a result, developers are able to build and ship web applications without the need to manually manage and deploy each tool individually, reduce down time and push advanced new features with ease.

Currently, the processes that devops teams use to deliver code from workstations into the cloud are complex, fragile, and limited. Developers may use up to 20 different services in the deployment process, which puts an immense burden on time and resources.  Factor.io integrates and organizes all of these services into a simple interface so that entire teams, distributed or on premise, have visibility across the workflow, allows them to easily switch between services, and brings visibility to the entire organization on project lifecycle and development roadmaps.

Factor.io's platform for continuous code deployment includes:

  • Standard Developer Channels: Factor.io has integrated numerous channels for developer technologies and services including Github, Heroku, SendGrid, Cloud Foundry, Hipchat, IRC, Chef, AWS and others, with more being added daily.
  • Create Your Own Channels:  Developers are able create their own custom channels in Ruby, with Python and Javascript coming-soon.
  • Run Workflows Locally: Run workflows in on-premise infrastructure, or on the public cloud. Create workflows that manipulate existing systems, such as running shell commands or invoking a Chef run.
  • Share and Collaborate: Share and collaborate on workflows, channels, and listeners. Factor.io offers full control of access scope, enabling sharing and credential permissions across teams and specific groups, or no one at all.

"The NBCNews User Experience team is leading the development of a next-generation product for our customers, while trying to administer and maintain a complex development tool set," said Gary Hebert, Director of UX R&D for NBCNews Digital. "Factor.io should significantly improve the ease and speed of Heroku deployments, reduce the time required to administer the tool set and improve the speed to onboard new team members and resources into the process. This has the potential to save as much as 20-30 hours a week in lost productivity when the full UX department has adopted our new workflow process."

"The Factor.io founders have a deep understanding of the tools that development teams need to build modern software," said Matt Dyor, Managing Director of the Microsoft Accelerator powered by TechStars. "We selected Factor.io for the Microsoft Accelerator primarily because of its solid team, with several years of building great products together. My bet is that Factor.io will become one of the go-to tools for building cloud applications. It has been awesome to work with this team as they rapidly begin to gain traction."

"From our experience, developers spend as much as 30% of their time solely on the foundational tasks needed to even begin coding," said Maciej "Ski" Skierkowski, Factor.io CEO and former Director of Product at AppFog. "We estimate that reducing the need to manage these mundane tasks can lead to a savings of over $1 Million a year for a team of 40 developers."

Factor.io has already signed up over 350 users in its private beta in just the first three months, from small independent developers to Fortune 500 companies. Its freemium-based, tiered pricing model offers tiered subscriptions, starting with a free version for individual developers and paid for teams, and on-premise for large enterprise customers. To learn more about Factor.io pricing, visit: https://factor.io/#pricing. To learn more about Factor.io, visit the Website, and follow them on Twitter and the blog.

About Factor.io

Factor.io is a unified deployment automation platform for developers and devops teams that saves significant time and resources on the prep work required to code and deploy application features. It automates the most tedious processes in the development lifecycle by connecting the tools already used in the devops workflow, such as GitHub, Heroku, Rackspace, Trello and others, into a simple if-this-then-that (IFTTT) interface. It is currently integrated with the most popular developer channels, allows developers to build their own channels, implement listeners, run complex workflows locally or on the cloud, and offers a number of rich collaboration features for teams. A Microsoft TechStars business accelerator company, Factor.io was founded in 2013 and is based in Portland, OR. To learn more about Factor.io today, please visit https://factor.io/.


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