Puppet Labs Announces Puppet Enterprise 3.0

A Complete Automation Solution That Delivers the Full Benefits of Cloud Computing Through New Scalability, Orchestration, and Software-Defined Infrastructure Capabilities

Portland, Oregon, UNITED STATES

PORTLAND, OR--(Marketwired - Jun 25, 2013) - Puppet Labs, the leading provider of IT automation software for system administrators, today announced the availability of Puppet Enterprise 3.0, which delivers a complete cloud automation solution for enterprise customers. The cloud promises IT teams gains in agility, scalability and flexibility, but managing complex operations on dynamic infrastructure can present challenges. Puppet Enterprise 3.0 provides breakthrough scalability and orchestration capabilities, as well as a unified, software-defined approach for automating the management of compute, network and storage resources, enabling customers to reap the full benefits of cloud computing.

"Some of today's largest and most successful SaaS clouds use our solutions to automate their infrastructure," said Luke Kanies, CEO and founder of Puppet Labs. "With Puppet Enterprise 3.0, we're making the scalability, orchestration and software-defined capabilities that power those SaaS clouds accessible to any IT organization, enabling customers to take full advantage of their dynamic infrastructure."

Key New Capabilities in Puppet Enterprise 3.0

Scalability and Performance
With today's on-demand and flexible cloud architecture, customers expect to create and manage hundreds -- or even thousands -- of applications and virtual machines in just minutes. Puppet Enterprise 3.0 offers agile performance and scalability to help customers move faster and meet the growing demand for cloud applications. Puppet Enterprise customers can expect a nearly 200 percent increase in performance from the latest release, allowing them to respond to business changes more quickly. They can also expect a nearly 100 percent increase in scalability, enabling them to manage twice as many cloud nodes in the same deployment.

It's almost impossible to discover and manage large numbers of virtual, transient cloud nodes with traditional methods, such as CMDBs, custom scripts and spreadsheets. The orchestration engine in Puppet Enterprise 3.0 has new capabilities tailored for customers automating cloud infrastructure, enabling them to efficiently discover and then orchestrate complex management operations on large volumes of cloud nodes. Using the orchestration engine's fully dynamic and pluggable discovery service, Puppet Enterprise customers can take advantage of any data source or real-time query results to quickly locate, identify and group cloud nodes. Customers can also use the orchestration engine's new progressive deployment capability to deploy changes in phases, testing at each stage and so minimizing the risk of rolling out changes to production. 

Software-Defined Infrastructure
The management of compute, network and storage resources is typically siloed into separate organizations using separate tools, which slows time to production. Puppet Enterprise 3.0 enables IT teams to deploy cloud applications faster, with fewer errors, by providing a unified, software-defined approach to automating management of compute, network and storage resources. Today, pre-built configurations for automating Juniper Networks, Cisco, NetApp, and many others devices are freely available on the Puppet Forge, Puppet Labs' online repository of more than 1,200 ready-to-run configurations.

Additional Key Capabilities of Puppet Enterprise 3.0

  • Discover and Browse Resources: Puppet Enterprise's graphical user interface enables customers to easily discover and browse any and all service resources throughout their infrastructure, in real time.
  • Enterprise Platform Support: Customers can now get full functionality support across all major enterprise platforms, including Microsoft Windows, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, IBM AIX, Solaris, and all major Linux distributions.
  • Reusability of 1,200+ Puppet Forge modules: Customers can now take advantage of pre-built configurations available on the Puppet Forge, without the need to modify modules for their specific environments.

Supporting Quotes

"We're excited about the scalability and performance improvements that come with Puppet Enterprise 3.0," said Robert Snyder, Lead Systems Designer, Outreach Technology Services at Pennsylvania State University. "It's critical that we stay agile while keeping up with the unique IT demands that come with managing infrastructure at a university."

"Puppet Labs is an important ecosystem partner for the VMware vCloud® Hybrid Service™ because its cloud automation software can provide IT teams with the agility, scalability and reliability required for enterprise cloud computing," said Mathew Lodge, vice president, Cloud Services, VMware. "With Puppet Enterprise, customers can automate the provisioning, configuration and orchestration of vCloud Hybrid Service-hosted applications and infrastructure from a single console over thousands of nodes."

"Cloud computing offers numerous benefits, such as increased IT flexibility and scalability, but it also presents new levels of complexity due to the manual, siloed and inefficient workflow management of an application's diverse set of IT resources," said Jeremy Schulman, Automation Concept Engineering, Juniper Networks. "The Puppet Enterprise for Junos® OS solution provides a holistic approach to automation, enabling IT teams to seamlessly manage compute resources and networking infrastructure, which increases agility, lowers operational costs, and improves overall service levels for IT infrastructure users."

"Enterprise data centers and IT operations are often built around silos of compute, network and storage resources managed separately by different IT teams with different tools, making it difficult to move quickly or drive efficiency, innovation and business value," said Jay Lyman, senior analyst, 451 Research. "Puppet Enterprise 3.0 is a cloud automation solution that manages compute, network and storage resources whether on-premises or in the cloud so IT teams can break out of silos and speed operations across the organization."

Pricing and Availability
Puppet Enterprise 3.0 is available today, June 25, 2013, at www.puppetlabs.com. Anyone can download and use Puppet Enterprise to manage up to 10 nodes, free of charge. Pricing starts at $99 per node. Documentation for installing and using Puppet Enterprise can be found here.

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