Photo Release -- Amazing Hearing Enhancement Device in a Hat: Cynaps Enhance Delivers Crystal-Clear Stereo Sound Via Bone Conduction at CE Week's Innovation Zone

Indiegogo Campaign to Launch World's First Stereo Enhancement Hearing Device That Fits Into a Cap

NEW YORK, June 25, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CE Week, Innovation Zone, Booth IZ308 -- Bone conduction has been used for decades to treat conductive hearing loss by using vibration to send amplified sound directly to the inner ear through the skull. Until recently, benefitting from this technology has required surgery to implant hardware into the skull, as well as a lengthy healing period and a restricted lifestyle to prevent serious infection, even years after surgery.

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The latest device from Max Virtual aims to solve this problem with Cynaps Enhance, the world's first bone conduction hearing enhancement device that fits into a cap, allowing anyone with a healthy inner ear the ability to experience the benefits of amplified bone conduction in a practical, discreet and inexpensive way. No earpieces are needed. By simply wearing the cap, audio is instantly amplified and transmitted to the inner ear. Dual microphones in the bill provide unprecedented location awareness, allowing the user to pinpoint the location of amplified sounds, such as oncoming traffic or voices which aren't necessarily in the user's direct line of sight.

Like its predecessor, Cynaps Enhance is also Bluetooth enabled, allowing phone calls and audio streaming from any mobile phone or Bluetooth device.

Even those with perfect hearing ability can use Cynaps Enhance with earplugs to protect their ears from noises which might ordinarily damage the eardrum or middle ear.

The new device will be showcased at Innovation Zone, booth number IZ308, at CE Week June 26-27, and will be available to consumers as part of its Indiegogo campaign launching in early July at an estimated cost of $99 each as a limited beta-test release, on a first-come, first-serve basis. Feedback given by beta-testers will be used to make a second version of the product, which is set to be released by October 2013 at an estimated price of $199. While Cynaps Enhance is currently in its beta-testing stage, the company is seeking FDA approval for it as early as October.

Planned upgrades for Version 2 include the addition of a unique 3D sound processor from TI which will allow the listener to pinpoint the location of sound with even greater accuracy, as well as the ability to use Bluetooth and hearing enhancement modes simultaneously, allowing the user to take a call or listen to music while still being able to listen to nearby sounds. Beta-testers for Version 1 will benefit by getting a $99 credit toward Version 2, essentially rendering Version 1 free for them to keep as a backup or to donate to someone in need.

Max Virtual will also showcase Version 2 of the original Cynaps 'Mobile' cap, which uses strictly Bluetooth to transmit sounds to and from any mobile phone or Bluetooth enabled device to allow safe, ears-free, hands-free calls and audio streaming directly to the inner ear while on the go. Version 2 of Cynaps Mobile has been upgraded with a stronger sound chip, a sleeker design and longer battery life. The cap is made from a lightweight, sweat-absorbing polyester blend, providing maximum comfort and an extra cool, dry fit while jogging or biking. Finally, the company will show a design for a new rubber casing and remote keypad version of Cynaps Mobile, designed especially for motorcycle and bicycle helmets, also available in July.

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Max Virtual LLC is a product development company pioneering the use of bone conduction technology to create lifestyle products, with a goal of making the world a little better, one product at a time.

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