Explosive Space Exploration and Combat Game Coming Soon

MOSCOW and SAN FRANCISCO, June 26, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Game Insight, a world leader in mobile/social games, has announced Starborn Wanderers for iPad, a brand-new game and intellectual property that continues to expand the company's mobile game portfolio beyond casual games into the mid-core space.

Starborn Wanderers is a unique role-playing game (RPG) experience that takes place in an alternate future in which humanity has lost its home on Earth to an alien invasion. The game offers spectacular turn-based space battles, in-depth character customization, economic and trading gameplay, and a huge universe to explore.

In Starborn Wanderers, players take the role of an ambitious young cadet who will eventually be tasked with saving humanity against a new alien threat. Over time, players will unlock an entire hangar full of different starships that can be outfitted with a huge variety of weapon, defense, and miscellaneous systems to create a fleet of ships that are customized exactly the way they wish. They will also fight numerous battles, explore a vast universe sector by sector, and unravel an epic, sci-fi story as part of an open-ended experience that lets players choose to follow the primary storyline, or take part in a variety of side-quests, whenever they want.

Starborn Wanderers offers a distinctive experience that combines exploration, exciting spaceship battles, and an in-depth story. The game is completely free to play and will soon be available on the App Store for iPad.

Assets are available on our Press FTP:
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