TokBox Launches Application Management and Advanced Quality Controls for True Enterprise-Grade WebRTC Video Applications

WebRTC Leader Also Unveils OpenTok for Customer Service at WebRTC Conference

SAN FRANCISCO, CA and ATLANTA, GA--(Marketwired - Jun 27, 2013) - TokBox, a Telefónica Digital company, today launched a series of world-first capabilities, extending WebRTC into an enterprise-grade technology for video communication applications for the first time.

In the opening keynote address, TokBox CEO Ian Small unveiled a number of extensions to its OpenTok Video Platform:

  • Cloud Raptor SDK: adds management capabilities for any OpenTok application, letting developers create a centralized controller that can listen to, query and respond to messages and events flowing through the application;
  • OpenTok For Customer Service: pre-configured tools to make it faster and easier to implement face-to-face video chat for customer service applications; and
  • Advanced quality controls: OpenTok now dynamically shapes audio and video traffic to maximize the experience for every participant in a multi-point conversation.

TokBox's OpenTok Platform allows the development and management of commercial face-to-face applications, embeddable in any website or service. Launched as a flash-based platform in 2010, OpenTok has pioneered the use of WebRTC in commercial applications, launching the first WebRTC Platform in 2012 and Mantis, a Cloud-based infrastructure that enables multi-party conversations, earlier this year.

The launch of the Cloud Raptor SDK adds advanced management capabilities to the OpenTok Platform. Cloud Raptor enables developers to tap into the messages and events flowing through the OpenTok Platform, making it possible to build more intelligent communications applications. Developers and application managers can now create a centralized controller for their apps, enabling simplified call management, advanced business logic, access to analytics and more.

OpenTok for Customer Service (OTCS), also introduced at WebRTC Conference today, is a set of tools that make it faster and easier to implement face-to-face video chat for customer service applications. Whether your service model is based on a traditional call center, scheduled appointments or "call my rep" functionality, OTCS streamlines adding video to online and mobile customer service offerings. OTCS can be applied to pre-sales customer assistance, post-sales customer support, expert consultation and financial services uses cases, amongst others.

TokBox today also launched a series of advanced quality controls as an extension of OpenTok's Mantis infrastructure. Central to the additions are the inclusion of bandwidth controls that enable high quality multi-party conversations regardless of network conditions or device used. This evolves WebRTC from its native peer-to-peer environment to a scalable, quality multi-party experience.

Ian Small, TokBox CEO: "Today we released the building blocks that make WebRTC an enterprise-grade proposition. Companies looking to use face to face communications as part of their offering, whether for customer service, service delivery or as part of audience engagement, can now do so simply and reliably with the OpenTok Platform."

OpenTok has been used by more than 70,000 organizations to add live face to face communications to their site, including American Idol, Major League Baseball, Diet Coke, Ford, Doritos, Bridgestone and Double Robotics.

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About TokBox
TokBox, a Telefónica Digital company, develops and operates the OpenTok Video Platform, making it fast and easy to add live video communications into online and mobile websites, apps and services. The scalable, customizable platform gives users the creative freedom to develop any video interaction, from one-to-one chats to large-scale broadcasts.

The first platform to incorporate support for WebRTC, OpenTok caters to enterprises, entrepreneurs and developers with powerful APIs, a global cloud infrastructure, and pre-configured solutions. OpenTok has been used to add video communications to more than 70,000 services by companies including Major League Baseball, Diet Coke, Ford, Doritos, Bridgestone and Double Robotics.

TokBox is headquartered in San Francisco, CA.

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