Emerson Poynter LLP Announces Class Settlement and Its Help to Purchasers of Gerbers "Tagless" Labeled Clothing to File Claims

Little Rock, Arkansas, UNITED STATES

LITTLE ROCK, Ark., June 28, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In 2009, Emerson Poynter LLP, a national law firm with offices in Houston, Texas and Little Rock, Arkansas, filed a federal lawsuit against Gerber Childrenswear LLC alleging that its children's clothing with a tagless label on the neckline caused children to break out in rashes on their upper back and neck.  The case has settled, and Emerson Poynter LLP wishes to help consumers file their claims with the settlement's administrator.

Did You Buy Gerber's Tagless Labeled Clothes for Your Baby?

Because if you did, and your child broke out in a rash – you are entitled to your medical costs back from Gerber Childrenswear.

Even if your child didn't break out, you can either get free children's clothes or up to 10-25% off your next Gerber purchase.

The lawsuit alleges that the tagless label was manufactured with irritating chemicals, which caused many kids to break out in a rash and even blisters. The lawsuit was prosecuted by several consumer attorneys over the past several years, and it eventually obtained class action status. Recently, the case was settled. The class action settlement provides great benefits to those that were harmed by the tagless labels, but it also provides substantial benefits to those that simply bought the tagless clothes manufactured with the harmful chemicals in them. So your child didn't have to get a rash for you to be compensated under the terms of the deal.

If your child had a rash or blistered from wearing Gerber Childrenswear tagless clothing, you are entitled to up to $100 in reimbursement for a doctor's visit or for treating your child with ointments. 

If you simply bought Gerber Childrenswear having a tagless label, you can either get free clothing or up to 10 to 25% off your next Gerber purchase. 

Emerson Poynter asks consumers of Gerbers' tagless labeled clothing products to visit the settlement's website at www.gcwsettlement.com for more information. The website includes a restriction to those clothes made in India. But if you still have the clothes, just check the label because it will say "Made in India" on it. Or you may remember that information on the clothing when you purchased it. You may file your claim online, so no printing out forms or going to the Post Office. It's that simple. 

But if you need any help at all, just call John Emerson, William Crowder, or Scott Poynter of Emerson Poynter LLP at (800) 663-9817. They will help you file your claim, or file it for you.