Interactive Video Technology Creates a New Personalized Delivery Platform for the Instinctive Drives System(R)

To Celebrate the Launch, Link-up International Is Offering Free I.D.s(TM) to 200 Business Leaders

SANTA CLARA, CA--(Marketwired - Jul 10, 2013) - Link-up International's I.D. System® is unlike any other profiling tool on the market, and its new video-based technology continues to set it apart. Link-up International, which partners with global organizations to enhance collaboration and accelerate business results, has partnered with Denver-based Influence Technologies to create the Interactive I.D. Experience™, including unique, personalized videos for every person who takes their I.D. Link-up is offering 200 free I.D.s, a value of $99 each, to help business leaders experience what Link-up can offer organizations. To take advantage of this offer, go to and fill in the "Contact Us" form with "FREE200" in the subject field.

The I.D. System, which is used by companies and individuals alike, allows people to learn and use strategies focused on improving leadership, organizational change, peak performance, personal change and relationships. This new technology offers a much more scalable delivery method, allowing organizations to easily bring I.D. into entire organizations.

Once someone takes their online I.D. Questionnaire, Link-up now delivers:

  • An updated personalized I.D.™ Report: This report offers key insights, awareness and understanding into a person's natural and best way of operating. It also provides strategies for how to be successful, fulfilled and productive.

  • The brand new, personalized Interactive I.D. Experience: This self-paced experience helps new users understand and use their I.D. and explore: what they need to be at their best; what will cause them stress and frustration; their natural talents and vulnerabilities; insights and strategies to help them achieve greater and more sustainable peak performance. It also includes the ability to generate strategies on the best ways to work with other I.D.s.

"In my decades of experience, I haven't seen another organization offer personalized technology like this, delivering applicable information to any number of people," said Jeff Swaim, Chief Strategy Officer of Influence Technologies. "The analytics that we've already collected indicates that the I.D. user experience has been drastically improved; and leaders are thrilled that they can make a deeper impact within their organizations."

The Interactive I.D. Experience allows users, who learn and digest information in different ways, to navigate the modules at their own pace and preferred order. It makes it easy to revisit the information and share the personalized information with others to improve work and personal relationships.

"This video series completely changes how people learn about, interpret and apply their own I.D.," said Paul Burgess, founder and CEO of Link-up. "With this heightened knowledge, people will be able to quickly improve team dynamics, collaboration, personal awareness and so much more."

Backed by research and successfully used for decades, the I.D. System is applicable for a variety of audiences, from entire organizations to dynamic teams and individuals. By revealing each person's needs, talents and vulnerabilities, the system can help anyone looking to: accelerate business results; realize the full potential of their people; achieve peak performance; build trust, alignment and collaboration; or identify their own personal formula for success and fulfillment.

Based in Sydney, Australia and Santa Clara, CA, Link-up International works with a wide variety of global organizations, offering leaders a better understanding of how employees can reach their maximum potential. Link-up's consultants use I.D. strategies to improve team development, cross-functional collaboration and change leadership. Clients include Cisco, Telstra, BHP Billiton, Oracle and VMware.

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Link-up International partners with global organizations to enhance collaboration using its proprietary I.D. System® to build trust, create alignment and help leaders realize the full potential of their people. The I.D. System identifies the Instinctive Drives® that explain why people do the things they do and pinpoints individuals' natural and best way of doing things: their personal success code. As a result of working with Link-up and applying the unique insights from the I.D. System, organizations achieve exceptional and sustainable growth and accelerate the rate at which they implement innovative change. People around the world have used I.D.™ for insights and strategies to drastically improve success and fulfillment personally and professionally. To learn more, visit

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Link-up's Interactive I.D. Experience offers unique, personalized videos for every person who takes their I.D.