Institutional Investor Journals Launches the Journal of Retirement (JOR)

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Jul 16, 2013) - Institutional Investor Journals has launched The Journal of Retirement (JOR). JOR is dedicated to the study and advancement of retirement strategies, policy and solutions. The journal comprises thought-leading retirement research by and for financial advisors, retirement savings plan sponsors, policy experts and those structuring retirement products.

The inaugural issue includes articles that have been written by leading experts in the area and reflect the broad scope of JOR's editorial mission.

Mark Warshawsky of Towers Watson surveys the range of lifetime income products on the market, from traditional life annuities to longevity insurance and other recent innovations, analyzes their historical and recent payout patterns and considers their implications for plan sponsors who want to provide lifetime retirement income to their members.

In another article, Jeffrey Brown, Jeffrey Kling, Sendhil Mullainathan and Marian Wrobel shed light on the behavioral impediments to a decision to buy an annuity. They conclude that potential annuitants find annuities more attractive if they are presented in a consumption framework that stresses their insurance aspects, rather than an investment framework.

The study by Alicia Munnell, Tony Webb, and Francis Vitagliano from the Center for Retirement Research which examines the potential impact of a proposed change in the incentive feeds of broker-dealers is a comprehensive and possibly controversial treatment of a difficult issue.

"My aim is to make The Journal of Retirement the 'go to' publication for all practitioners, researchers and policymakers concerned with the financial security of older Americans," Editor George A. (Sandy) Mackenzie explains.

"Retirement education, income, planning, policy and products are critical to the welfare of the world's aging population," Institutional Investor Journals Publisher Allison Adams adds. "JOR will be an important source of critical retirement research. It will centralize the dialogue between leading practitioners, academics and policy makers."

Published quarterly, JOR is available on a state-of-the art research platform. The journal invites submissions for future issues from both academics ad practitioners that address major and timely issues in retirement security. To submit your article or to learn more about the process, please click here.

For more information about Institutional Investor Journals or the Journal of Retirement, please contact Erin Scanlon at or +1 (212) 224-3255.

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