Moroccan Wine Announces First-Ever Marketing Campaign in the U.S.

Celliers de Meknes & Domaine Ouled Thaleb launch a Sales Promotion & PR campaign

New York,, New York, UNITED STATES

NEW YORK, July 18, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Celliers de Meknès & Domaine Ouled Thaleb, currently the only Moroccan Wines imported in the U.S., launches their first U.S. campaign to promote their rich and varied collection of quality and value-driven grape varietal wines. "We believe the American market is eager to discover wines from exciting regions like Morocco, wines with a fascinating history that are adapted to this market." says Didier Pariente, Domaine Ouled Thaleb U.S. Importer.

Moroccan Wine's overall objective is to develop a strong presence in the U.S. market in order to share their vast portfolio of internationally recognized wines. The program aims to increase distribution of the wines by educating media and members of the Trade (distributors and retailers). Consumers will no doubt be attracted to these "new wines from the old world."

The campaign goals are to strengthen Moroccan Wine's development and raise its distinction through:

  • Market analysis of Moroccan Wine in the U.S. market
  • Network distribution awareness and the adaptation of sales development
  • Trade marketing and sales promotion
  • Targeted media bureau services
  • Special Events
  • Educational seminars for trade influencers

About Moroccan Wine:

  • Morocco has been making wine for more than 2,500 years
  • Since Antiquity, Morocco has always been a privileged ground for vines and wine
  • Morocco's diverse range of terroirs raises its potential for producing high quality wines and sets it apart from other North African countries
  • At the end of the 19th century, European's vineyards were damaged by phylloxera. French growers immigrated to Morocco, discovering unique soil diversity and a temperate climate ideal for grapes maturation
  • Morocco's wine renaissance began in 1990 when French winemakers were invited to help revive the kingdom's famous wine industry
  • Following in the footsteps of the French appellation system, Morocco garners 14 AOG's, Appellation of Origin Guaranteed and 1 AOC, Appellation of Origin Controlled
  • Today, Morocco is the largest producer of wine in the Arab world, with a production of 40 million bottles per year

Domaine Ouled Thaleb, established in 1923 as Thalvin, is considered the oldest and leading winery in Morocco's renewed wine industry. Their vineyards are situated in the coastal region between Casablanca and Rabat, and face the Atlantic Ocean. A traditional winemaking approach and a notable respect for the land has led to the creation of a unique collection of wines, including varietals Grenache, Syrah, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Cinsault, Clairette, Sauvignon Blanc, and the native Faranah. Domaine Ouled Thaleb has been imported in the U.S. by Exotic Imports, LLC since 2005.

Celliers de Meknès, founded in 1964 by Mr. Brahim Zniber, is the largest wine producer in the country. The region of Meknès is situated in the foothills of the ATLAS Mountains. Because of the high altitude, sunshine, and mild temperatures, Meknès is the choice region for vineyards in Morocco. Celliers de Meknès is imported in the U.S. by Volubilis Imports Inc.

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