Choc-V's Chocolate Vitamins Launches New Campaign and Packaging for CVS Debut

From Vitamins to the Internet, Choc-V's Makes Everything Better

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwired - Jul 18, 2013) - Teelah Corporation's Choc-V's chocolate Probiotics are leaving the Gummy Age behind and taking to the internet with their new campaign, "Everything Is Better With Chocolate. Chocolate is Better With Vitamins".

The campaign allows internet users to make their favorite websites better by using Choc-V's "CHOCOFIER" to cover them with yummy chocolate drizzle. By visiting, users will find they can enter any website address, instantly adding a layer of their favorite choice of chocolate -- white, milk, or dark -- to any website. What used to be good just got better!

"Everything Is Better With Chocolate. Chocolate Is Better With Vitamins" and the "CHOCOFIER" are only two parts of this new age for Choc-V's. For the first time ever, Choc-V's is going on the shelves in CVS stores across the country and will make their debut not only with the campaign, but also with a brand new package design that highlights the most unique aspect of Choc-V's -- the chocolate flavor!

Choc-V's Probiotics are also unique in that they are all-natural, gluten free, and certified kosher. In addition to Choc-V's probiotics, Teelah also produces a sugar free adult chocolate probiotic, Dulce for Adults, specifically formulated for an adult's nutritional needs.

Information on Choc-V's can be found online by visiting Choc-V's are also available for purchase online and in select retailers.

About Teelah Corporation
Teelah Corp produces vitamins and dietary supplements for children and adults. The New York based company is committed to providing great tasting nutrition for the entire family, and maintains a dedicated focus on unique, exciting and enjoyable products that the whole family will love. Their products include Yum-V's Jellies, Choc-V's chocolate supplements, and Dulce Nutritionals for Adults.

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