Bit9 Announces Free Tool to Assess Advanced Threat Risks on PCs

Free, interactive Trust Assessment Tool combines Bit9 endpoint and cloud technologies with crowd-sourced information to determine trustworthiness of endpoints

WALTHAM, Mass., July 29, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Bit9, the leader in a new generation of endpoint and server security based on real-time visibility and protection, today introduced the Bit9 Trust Assessment Tool (TAT), a free, interactive tool that assesses the security risk of every executable file (dll, installer, script and other programs) on a PC running Windows XP or later versions.

The Bit9 TAT scans files with potentially executable code and sends the inventory of files to the Bit9 Cloud Services for analysis. Bit9 evaluates the files based on numerous factors, including their age, prevalence, publisher, source, AV scan results, and other key indicators and determines a trust rating for the machine. Bit9 anonymously aggregates the results and provides the user with a report of the trust rating of their PC and areas of risk. Click here to download and run the Bit9 TAT.

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The Bit9 Trust Assessment Tool will:

  • Identify all software installed and running on a PC, including any executable, .dll, installer, script and other programs
  • Highlight files or processes that exhibit behaviors or properties common to advanced threats
  • Provide an overall trust rating for the PC by analyzing all executable code in system files

"The first step in securing an enterprise endpoint is knowing what's running on it," said Brian Hazzard, vice president of product management for Bit9. "We developed this powerful Threat Assessment Tool so users can see if their machine contains untrustworthy software that exposes them to potentially devastating cyber threats. Unlike typical virus scans that only look for known malware and miss many of today's advanced threats, the Bit9 TAT performs a comprehensive analysis of all software on a PC and provides an overall trust rating."

Reports generated by the Bit9 Trust Assessment Tool include:

  • Top-level trust assessment: Aggregates trust levels from the various file categories to provide an overall trust assessment rating
  • Known malicious files: Indicates if any files have known vulnerabilities or are recognized as malware
  • Advanced Threat Indicators: Behaviors observed that may indicate a machine is compromised
  • Unique Files: Files that have not yet been seen across the Bit9 Trusted Community
  • Community Prohibited: Files that have been blocked by a number of enterprise Bit9 admins throughout the Bit9 Trusted Community

About Bit9

Bit9 leads a new generation of endpoint and server security based on real-time visibility and protection that stops cyber threats that evade traditional defenses Bit9's real-time sensor and recorder, real-time enforcement engine, and cloud-based services provide the most reliable form of endpoint and server security and deliver value within days of implementation. This combination gives organizations immediate visibility to everything running on their endpoints and servers; real-time signature-less detection of and protection against advanced threats; and a recorded history of all endpoint and server activity for deep forensics. Security teams use Bit9's integration with network security devices such as FireEye and Palo Alto Networks to accelerate incident response and ensure all files arriving on endpoints and servers are safe. Bit9 has stopped the most advanced attacks, including Flame, Gauss, and the malware responsible for the RSA breach. One thousand organizations worldwide—from 25 Fortune 100 companies to small businesses—use Bit9 to increase security, reduce operational costs, and improve compliance.


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