Better Results for Diagnosis and Treatment With Digital Dental X-Ray

Sarasota, Florida, UNITED STATES

SARASOTA, Fla., Aug. 4, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Sarasota, Florida's own Prestige Dental general and cosmetic dentistry practice recently unveiled a new way of meeting the dental x-ray needs of patients without resorting to old-fashioned, and sometimes painful, film x-ray devices. The process is often referred to as digital dental x-ray and is much less painful and cumbersome than other available options for Sarasota dentists who need to make dental x-rays.

There are actually quite a few benefits worth considering when it comes to the use of digital imaging for dental x-rays. The most important of which, is the fact that digital x-ray devices offer earlier detection of periodontal disease and potential dental problem areas. Digital imagery is clearer and crisper than standard photography eliminating many of the shadows inside the mouth that hide dark spots, lumps, and bumps inside the mouth. Early detection saves lives and making the switch to digital photography allows dentists to detect diseases of the mouth much earlier than the type of images used in the past.

Digital x-rays are also easier to share between physicians or dentists for the sake of consultations or second opinions. The images are easily stored on computers where they can be shared freely between physicians with little more than the push of a few buttons. Just as it is a simple matter to store the images on computer, it's also easy for dentists and other healthcare professionals to access the information as needed through tablet devices, patient records, or via laptop computer.

For patients concerned over radiation exposure -- particularly those who have gone through chemotherapy or who have had several other x-rays in the past, the digital x-ray devices used by Prestige Dental General and Cosmetic Dentistry reduce exposure to radiation between 70 and 80 percent. Those numbers are impressive by any right for patients -- even more so for the dental technicians operating the equipment day in and out.

Sarasota dental patients concerned over the state of the planet will take comfort in the fact that there is no lengthy chemical processing for digital x-rays like there is with film. This means fewer chemicals and less waste going into overcrowded landfills throughout the country. Less waste and less harm to the planet creates two massive wins for the clean earth movement.

The real win comes from the faster rate at which the images develop and are available to dentists to inspect and use in order to make their diagnosis. Faster diagnostic abilities are almost always beneficial to patients and this speeds up the process greatly.

X-rays on film have a long history of helping doctors and dentists alike diagnosis serious and not-so-serious illnesses and injuries. However, today's technology is quickly rendering film equipment obsolete. Be prepared to see major improvements as more people in the medical field begin taking making use of digital x-rays in their practices. To learn more please visit Prestige Dental's website at:


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