Wayne Veterinarians Warn Pet Owners of Common Pet Summer Emergencies

WAYNE, Pa., Aug. 4, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- There are dangers everywhere for your pet in the summertime. Heat stroke and snake bites are among the most common pet summer emergencies that can be prevented during the hot summer months.

Protect your pet this summer from the harsh heat and predators lurking in the grass by knowing the signs.

The summer season is known for the heat and the fun romping through the yard. When the temperatures rise and the grass gets taller, pet owners need to take more precautions so that their pets do not fall victim to the most common pet summer emergency.

Dr. Len Donato at Radnor Veterinary Hospital in Wayne says, "pets love to stay outside, whether they are too warm or have adequate water, which can lead to cases of heat stroke."

Heat stroke is another pet emergency that can mean danger for your pet. Signs of heat stroke in a pet include stupor, dry tongue, excessive panting, high body temperature, and seizures.

The veterinary hospital encourages Wayne pet owners to seek immediate medical care for their pet if they notice any of these signs of heat stroke. Prevention is key to keeping your pet from overheating. Make sure they have plenty of shade and cool, clean water to drink.

The veterinary hospital informs pet owners to put ice cubes in water bowls to help keep their water cool. Dr. Donato warns pet owners to never try to cool their pets off with cold water or ice packs if they are showing signs of heat stoke as this can worsen symptoms.

There are other dangers to look out for in summer, such as bee stings. If your pet has been stung, seek medical treatment as soon as possible. Dr. Kimberly Bowers suggests, "look for signs of an allergic reaction such as difficulty breathing, swelling, and general weakness." While not all stings are serious, some can be life-threatening.

To learn more about common pet summer emergencies please visit Radnor Veterinary Hospital's website at http://www.radnorvet.com/


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