NEI's Robust New Website Goes Live


WASHINGTON, Aug. 5, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Nuclear Energy Institute has launched a new website to improve the speed, user-friendliness and visual appeal of a key digital asset that generates about two million page views per year.

The site is organized so that all pages, each with unique information that advances understanding of industry priorities, are just a few clicks from one another. The final product utilizes innovative forms of media and organization to engage site visitors and to present NEI's stances on policy in a simple yet efficient manner.

"Our updated website is a logical next step in our effort to better educate the press, public and policymakers about nuclear energy," said Scott Peterson, NEI's senior vice president of communications. "There's a lot more going on here than a fresh design and updated content. What we've done is create a new communications infrastructure that will help us change the way we do business, and allow us to easily add new features and functionality on a regular basis."

The new site is the result of a collaborative 20-month effort among NEI divisions. The initiative was driven in part by the Fukushima Daiichi accident, which generated more than eight million page views to NEI's website server in just one day.

Among many new features, a few stand out. The website includes entirely new sections, such as "Why Nuclear Energy?" and the informative "Knowledge Center," which encompasses various fact sheets and answers to frequently asked questions that explain nuclear energy's value as a large-scale energy source.

The site makes use of advanced multimedia tools, from photos, videos, and infographics on the revamped "News & Media" page to the interactive Google Earth application showing locations and details of all nuclear energy facilities in the United States. The Google Earth map also includes locations and information on potential new U.S. facilities.

Other highlights of the site include new tools to assist site visitors with navigation and accessibility. Users can benefit from an advanced search function, and one-click buttons on every page to print or share nuclear information and facts via one's favorite social media outlet. The new website seamlessly integrates NEI's own Twitter and Facebook accounts into the site, allowing users to easily navigate among all of NEI's social media pages.

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