Innovia Community Management Cooperative and TopSource Partner to Leverage Buying Power for Homeowner Associations

Quincy, Massachusetts, UNITED STATES

BOSTON, Aug. 7, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Innovia Community Management Cooperative, a cooperative of progressive independent community management companies in North America, announced its strategic partnership with the Boston-based sourcing company TopSource LLC. TopSource has developed a proven model for sourcing business products and services that consistently generates substantial cost savings for its large client base. Together, Innovia® and TopSource will work to provide innovative solutions and savings to homeowner associations and their community residents especially in areas such as exterior maintenance and security guard services.

Innovia Community Management Cooperative is a division of CCA Global Partners®, one of the largest privately held companies in the United States, with 13 distinct businesses and leader in developing programs and services that help independent business owners. Innovia provides the tools for property and community management companies needed to run their business more efficiently and effectively. It helps companies save on products and services needed to keep their organization operating in areas such as business services, technology, insurance, waste removal, building and office supplies. Innovia's select group of members is focused on increasing the competitiveness and profitability of independent community management companies in North America.

Howard Brodsky, Chairman & Co-CEO of CCA Global Partners, sees great promise in the Innovia/TopSource partnership stating, "Similar to TopSource, Innovia's primary mission is to help organizations save on essential elements needed to operate their business.   Additionally, both companies want to help their members develop new and innovative solutions to promote their respective businesses.  We know TopSource will provide not only the savings but the knowledge and expertise to support our property management companies.  For Innovia, cost effective operations means that their communities can focus on increasing property values and strengthening community spirit.  TopSource will help them do just that".

Since 2006, TopSource has successfully expanded its customer base to include not only grocery companies but also restaurants, convenient stores, drug stores, cooperatives, associations and other retail.  TopSource assists companies to manage procurement costs across indirect products and services by applying structured sourcing techniques that have saved clients an average of 13% across the hundreds of commodities and services they source.  The list of business areas supported through TopSource include a multitude of business areas including professional services, construction, packaging, store equipment, logistics and distribution, IT/Telecom, HR benefits and more.  

Dave Picarillo, Senior Vice President of TopSource, welcomes Innovia as a new customer.  In support of the new partnership, Picarillo said, "My team is excited to be working with another cooperative that has similar goals as TopSource and are delighted that Innovia has allowed us the opportunity to work more robustly in the property management arena.  In the short term, our expertise in the hired services area will provide immediate savings opportunities and innovative solutions to Innovia members.  With our combined customer base, our long term relationship will provide tremendous efficiencies for all our member companies in several areas.  I look forward to a great partnership."

TopSource provides a tested and proven bidding process that will result in lower prices from top tier, pre-approved vendors for Innovia members' major expenditures.  This new partnership means property residents can be confident that they are getting excellent products and services at market leading prices without sacrificing time or quality. The initial programs will focus on landscaping, asphalt resurfacing and security guard services.

About TopSource

TopSource is a wholly owned subsidiary of Topco Associates LLC, the largest cooperative buying organization in retail food. By applying a structured sourcing process and through spend aggregation, TopSource assists premier grocery, retail and wholesale companies realize significant savings in the area of Not-For-Resale (NFR), often called indirect spend. Across twelve NFR categories, TopSource has saved its customers an average of 13% on an annual basis in areas such as packaging, store equipment, office products, IT/Telecom, construction, logistics & distribution, marketing, health care, utilities and hired services. To learn more about TopSource, visit

About Innovia

Comprised of the most talented and progressive management companies in North America, Innovia Community Management Cooperative aims to help companies seize opportunities and improve profitability. We are a select group of independently owned companies focused on securing our futures, increasing our competitiveness, and offering our clients an unforgettable experience.  As a division of CCA Global Partners we are able to leverage scale comparable to large national companies. By purchasing as a group we can negotiate superior prices so you can spend less time worrying about business expenses and more time on making your communities even better. To learn more about Innovia, visit


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