Aberdeen Group Publishes Marketing Effectiveness & Strategy, and Human Capital Management Research

Research Examines Content Marketing's Role in Lead-to-Revenue Cycle, Workforce Scheduling, Time and Attendance Management

BOSTON, MA--(Marketwired - Aug 14, 2013) - Aberdeen Group, a Harte-Hanks Company (NYSE: HHS), today announced the publication of new research reports from its Marketing Effectiveness & Strategy, and Human Capital Management research practices.

The "Alchemy of Intent: Content Marketing in the Lead-to-Revenue Cycle" research study by Trip Kucera, Senior Research Analyst for Aberdeen's Marketing Effectiveness and Strategy practice, explores the current state of content marketing from the new buyer's journey to content management. The report details how on average, prospects receive 10 marketing touches through the course of a successful buyer's journey. "This research demonstrates the importance of content in modern marketing," says Kucera, the report's author. "Content marketing is most of what marketing organizations in top firms do, so everyone should be paying attention to how it works."  To obtain a complimentary copy of the report visit: http://www.aberdeen.com/link/sponsor.asp?spid=30410182&cid=8606&camp=2

"Total Workforce Management 2013: Scheduling" and "Total Workforce Management 2013: Time and Attendance," written by Mollie Lombardi, Vice President and Principal Analyst in Aberdeen's Human Capital Management (HCM) practice, and Zach Lahey, Senior Research Associate in Aberdeen's HCM practice are the first two parts of a four-document series addressing critical workforce management issues, and delve into trends influencing time and attendance, and scheduling, as well as how they interact with other facets of workforce management. To help decrease the workload for management, an increasing number of companies have sought out automated approaches to scheduling. In fact, more than half (58%) of organizations use automation to drive their scheduling process using scheduling tools as part of their integrated workforce management suite.

Comparatively, tracking and recording time and attendance of employees can be a headache for management unless the right structure, technologies, and tools are implemented. As with scheduling, automation improves the efficiency and effectiveness of companies' time and attendance. However, more companies automate time and attendance than scheduling, thus easing some of the burden on management. Both reports provide an in-depth look at the work, time, and commitment necessary to adopt time and attendance, and scheduling, workforce management processes, as well as the automation approaches used to ease the process. To obtain a complimentary copy of Scheduling, visit: http://www.aberdeen.com/link/sponsor.asp?spid=30410182&cid=8592&camp=2. To obtain a complimentary copy of Time and Attendance, visit: http://www.aberdeen.com/link/sponsor.asp?spid=30410182&cid=8575&camp=2

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