Ft. Worth Veterinarians Announce "Largest Loser Contest" to Support Weight Loss in Pets

Fort Worth, Texas, UNITED STATES

FORT WORTH, Texas, Aug. 25, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Boat Club Road Animal Hospital in Ft. Worth, TX is sponsoring a pet weight loss contest. The "Largest Loser Contest" is designed to help pets lose weight. Obesity is a growing problem amongst today's pets. According to recent studies, more than half of all dogs and cats are overweight or obese. The "Largest Loser Contest" is in conjunction with Purina's "Project Slimdown." The vet hospital is hosting an Open House on August 31st to kick-off the event. Pet owners may sign their pets up for a seven-day boot camp at the Open House.

With more than half of all pets overweight or obese, Ft. Worth veterinarians at Boat Club Road Animal Hospital are taking a stand against this growing veterinary health problem.

The animal hospital, in conjunction with Purina's "Project Slimdown," is a holding a "Largest Loser" weight loss for pets contest. The contest kicks off with an Open House on August 31st. Pet owners may attend the Open House to learn more about the "Largest Loser Contest," enroll their pets in the hospital's seven-day boot camp, and learn more about healthy weight loss for pets.

"Obesity is a huge problem facing today's pets," said veterinarian Dr. John Dedwylder. "Being overweight can have a profound impact on a pet's health, quality of life and life expectancy. Just like humans, overweight pets are at increased risk for chronic health problems, including diabetes and heart disease."

The Ft. Worth veterinarians say that while many pet owners realize their dogs and cats need to lose weight, the pet owners are not sure how to best take off the pounds. For example, pet owners cannot take their cats for a walk to "work off the extra weight" the way they could take a dog for a walk.

"Overfeeding and a lack of exercise are primary causes for pet obesity," said Dr. Dedwylder. "However, once pets become overweight, losing the pounds can be a challenge. A change in diet, reduced feeding, eliminating treats, and increasing exercise is the best way to lose the pounds. We recognize that kick-starting a weight loss program can be difficult. That's why we are offering our boot camp."

At the start of the boot camp, enrolled pets will be weighed and given a "Body Count Score" (BCS). The veterinary team will create a custom nutrition plan and targeted weight loss goal. The pets will stay at the animal hospital for seven days for monitored feedings and regular physical activity. Upon release, pets are sent home with detailed information about their new diet and exercise regimen.

In addition to weight loss for pets, Boat Club Road Animal Hospital provides comprehensive wellness services, including vaccinations, pet surgery, and pet boarding. Pet owners may learn more about these services at http://www.bcrah.com.


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