ComRent Introduces the CR150 "Spirit" Dynamic Response Load Bank

New Tier IV Generator Solution Supports Compliance With Stringent Federal Emissions Requirements

UPPER MARLBORO, MD--(Marketwired - Sep 4, 2013) - Continuing to demonstrate its industry leadership as the global leader of load bank solutions, ComRent today announced the newest addition to its product portfolio -- the CR150 "Spirit" dynamic response load bank. The new 150kW solution is designed to assist customers in meeting the EPA's Tier IV emissions requirements by automatically applying dynamic load to maintain minimum system demand on diesel generators.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), outdoor generators are required to meet new Tier IV emission standards to reduce hydrocarbon (HC), carbon monoxide (CO), particulate matter (PM), and nitrogen oxides (NOx). The tiered U.S. diesel engine guidelines have become increasingly restrictive as they are implemented -- which has resulted in numerous changes to generator engine design and exhaust after treatment systems to meet the new regulations. A majority of systems, however, are optimized to meet this standard only when running at peak load. Diesel engine generators that face fluctuating electrical loads throughout the day are prone to higher emissions, increased maintenance requirements, and potential performance degradation over longer periods of time.

While many in the industry acknowledge that the new technologies and regulations will bring additional maintenance, warranty claims, worksite restrictions, and fines or penalties, ComRent offers the CR150 as a solution to manage these risks. Raul Martinez, CEO and President of ComRent, elaborates:

"Many generators work fine when they're running during the day. However, the real challenge begins at night when loads decline because these systems aren't optimized to efficiently manage emissions at reduced loads," Martinez said. "Working with our customers, ComRent continues to develop solutions that address the root cause of generator challenges. The CR150 Spirit meets these challenges by offering a solution to reduce the risk of non-compliance rather than dealing with the results of a failed emissions test."

The Spirit CR150 is capable of supporting generators in outdoor climates down to -40° (F) and comes with Avtron's Advanced Digital Monitoring System (ADMS). ADMS allows real-time data acquisition and logging of voltage, current, frequency, and power measurements from a PC or PDA, giving the operator comprehensive insight into overall system performance.

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