Cavemania, Match-3 Meets Resource Strategy Game From Age of Empires Developers Now Available Worldwide for iOS & Android

"Match-3 meets Age of Empires" Game From BonusXP and Yodo1 Available Today on iOS and Google in the US and Top Global Markets

SAN FRANCISCO, CA and BEIJING, CHINA and DALLAS, TX--(Marketwired - Sep 19, 2013) - Global mobile game publisher Yodo1 ( today announced the worldwide release of Cavemania, an innovative "match-3 meets Age of Empires" game for iOS & Android mobile devices. The game will be available in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, and Russian languages. Cavemania is free-to-play and available in the iTunes and Google Play store today, and coming soon to Amazon.

Cavemania is the latest game from BonusXP (, the Dallas studio led by veteran game developers Dave Pottinger, John Evanson, and Jason Sallenbach, top alumni of Ensemble Studios and some of the lead creators of the bestselling console/PC games Age of Empires, Age of Mythology, and Halo Wars. A mobile successor to those titles, Cavemania incorporates match-3 mechanics with resource and unit-management strategy, offering endless fun for both casual and hardcore gamers alike.

"We designed Cavemania's irreverent style to pull people in, but the depth and replay value seal the deal," says Dave Pottinger. "There are a lot of mobile gamers who may never have played a strategy game. We're excited to show them this new experience that blends the simplicity of a match-3 with the depth of Age of Empires. Hopefully, they'll dig the combination and become lifelong strategy fans."

Cavemania is a groundbreaking match-3 strategy game. Players control a Stone Age chieftain who must reunite his scattered tribe while fighting off hordes of hungry dinosaurs. As players advance through the campaign, they'll unlock new tribe members, each with their own unique powers. Every character and building has its own strengths and weaknesses allowing players to explore multiple paths to victory.

Jung Suh, who leads Global Publishing for Yodo1, believes Cavemania is a fresh and much-needed variation on the match-3 genre:

"We've seen countless versions of the same match-3 game using jewels, candy, bubbles, and so on," says Suh, "So we love how the BonusXP team re-imagined that mechanic by adding resource management, playable heroes, combat, and a lot of other features which made games like Age of Empires so great."

Game Play Highlights

  • Tons of Levels: Enjoy endlessly challenging and re-playable missions while you reunite your lost tribe and conquer the dinosaurs!
  • Multiple Characters with Unique Abilities: Battle dinosaurs with seven different characters, and unleash their powerful abilities. Send a Sabertooth flying across the level with the Warrior Bonk, use your Hunter to lure a hungry Dinosaur into an ambush, or use a number of other special attacks to advance.
  • Multiple Ways to Win: Combine your tribe members with cunning strategy to defeat those dinos! It's up to you to decide which characters to recruit in your quest for dino-domination.
  • Customize Your Tribe: Choose from over 100 upgrades for your tribe. Allow your Healers to heal your buildings, let your Archers fire the 'death blossom' of seven arrows at once, and find just the right crazy hairstyle for clobbering dinosaurs.
  • Battle Prehistoric Foes: Tackle a fearsome flying Pterodactyl, the mighty T-Rex, or hunt a herd of Mammoths in Cavemania's prehistoric world full of hungry and dangerous enemies.
  • Build Your Way to Victory: Assemble a Granary or Quarry to gather resources faster, or use a Tower to fend off attacking dinos. Construct a Temple to charge-up your tribe members with super powers.
  • Change the Style of the Game: Position your characters to defend and flank enemies. Or move them tactically across the board to set up huge matches and cascades.
  • Take on all Challengers in a battle for Stone Age Supremacy: Players can compete with their friends for overall progress and individual level bragging rights. 

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Cavemania now available on iOS and Android worldwide