Sensoria Development Kit Together With Sensoria Fitness T-Shirt, Bra and Socks Now Available to Developers

SEATTLE, Sept. 26, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In order to lose weight or improve performance, one of the biggest challenges for athletes and fitness enthusiasts is the ability to find the right tools to measure, track and analyze workouts accurately. Starting today, developers have a whole new set of tools to enable quantified, data driven experiences.

The Sensoria Development Toolkit and the new line of Sensoria smart apparel were demonstrated today for the first time at an event in Seattle.

Taking the lead with innovative technology and products is Heapsylon who is rethinking wellness, gaming and fitness with pieces of clothing with embedded textile sensors. The revolutionary e-textile sensor instrumented sports bras and t-shirts are a more natural evolution of straps and wrist activity monitors and trackers.

"The washable Sensoria Fitness Bra and the Sensoria Fitness T-Shirt can be paired with your favorite Bluetooth electronics, such as Polar or Garmin. Simply snap it to the garment's lower breastbone position to transmit heart rate data wirelessly to your smartphone. Depending on the activity, your favorite mobile application will then gather data from our textile sensors to convert it into meaningful information in real-time. No more chest straps on your skin." said Davide Vigano, Heapsylon cofounder and CEO.

According to Giorgio Sardo, Director of Technical Evangelism at Microsoft: "Truly wearable textile sensor equipped garments are the new Very Personal Computers. Combined with new microelectronics and Windows Phone apps people will be able to leverage Sensoria Fitness apparel for many everyday activities. Such as biking, running, exercising and even gaming to generate a wealth of actionable data. Furthermore, with the new Sensoria Development Kit developers can build a whole new breed of apps on products like these."

Beyond fitness, the Sensoria wearables are geared to enhance the overall wellness of its user by tracking how much sleep he is getting, and how "good" the sleep is. Sleep times for athletes vary, for example, Roger Federer and LeBron James have said they sleep an average of 12 hours per day, compared to about 7 hours for the average American. The ComfTech textile sensor offers an electrocardiogram (ECG) signal through virtually any electronic device that is able to provide information such as: Heart Rate, Breathing Rate, and Calorie Burn.

As an example, for people that own a heart rate chest strap equipped with a Bluetooth device, they don't need to replace their equipment. Sensoria Fitness Bra and T-shirts are compatible with both Polar and Garmin latest generation electronics (such as the Polar H7). Simply connect it to the Sensoria Fitness T-shirt or Bra and go to the gym or for a run. No need to wear a strap anymore.

The Sensoria Development Kit for developers, the Sensoria Fitness T-shirt, Bra and Sock family of consumer smart wearables is now available for pre-order at

About Heapsylon, The Garment is the Computer™

Heapsylon is focused on delivering Sensoria: a family of body-sensing devices for health and fitness. Their wearable textile sensors capture, monitor and communicate data such as heart rate, force and pressure, activity type, level pressure to the user. The data is presented and analyzed by an easy-to-use dashboard. Heapsylon products make it more fun and safer to exercise. They may also contribute to prevent certain injuries, and in case of injury or disease they track patient adherence and offloading data. Intrigued? For more information please visit


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