Liver Cells from Three Human Donors on a Single Tissue Culture Plate Designed to Compare Metabolite Production in Hepatocytes from Different Donors


TORONTO, ON, Sept. 30, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today, at the annual meeting of the International Society for the Study of Xenobiotics ("ISSX"), Hepregen Corporation, leader in the development of next generation HepatoPacTM and HepatoMuneTM cell-based assay products, announced the commercial launch of the Company's first application-oriented, Triple-Donor Human HepatoPacTM kits designed specifically for use in metabolite identification and profiling. Each kit contains one or more standard 24-well tissue culture plates, each plate containing separately micro-patterned human liver cells called hepatocytes from three individual donors. The hepatocytes on these plates remain fully functional for up to two months. Each of the kits provides customers with a plug-in-ready product that can be used to compare metabolite production in human cells derived from different donors at the same time.

Dr. Vincent Zurawski, Hepregen's chief executive officer stated, "This new HepatoPacTM product provides customers a highly efficient and cost-effective means to generate predictive and mechanistic metabolite identification and profiling data from three human donors simultaneously. Once again, Hepregen is taking the initiative in response to the needs of our customers. We can provide these Triple-Donor HepatoPacTM products using liver cells from Hepregen's current donor library or use liver cells selected by our customers from their own or other commercially available donor libraries."

About Hepregen Corporation

Hepregen Corporation is the undisputed leader in innovating unique and proprietary bioengineered micro-liver platforms for use in environmental testing, preventive care, and pharmaceutical, biotherapeutic and diagnostic product development. The Company's micro-liver HepatoPacTM and HepatoMuneTM cell-based assay are driving a paradigm shift in drug development. The utility of Hepregen's human, rat, monkey, dog, and multi-species/multi-donor HepatoPacTM and HepatoMuneTM products has been validated in collaboration with investigators at several well-known pharmaceutical companies. Additionally, new applications for these products are being tested by Hepregen, its pharmaceutical company customers, and its academic and business partners. Hepregen was founded and capitalized by Battelle Ventures with technology licensed from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The technology was developed by Professor Sangeeta Bhatia, who is a world renowned expert and leader in liver bioengineering for life science and therapeutic applications.

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