ROCKY DF6 Rugged Handheld-Small SWaP, Big Options

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwired - Oct 1, 2013) - American Reliance, Inc. (AMREL), announced the launch of ROCKY DF6, a fully rugged handheld that's small on Size, Weight, and Power (SWaP) requirements, but big on options. This is AMREL's fourth generation of embedded products.

"It's amazing how many options we packed into such a small piece of real estate," declared Richard Lane, AMREL's Vice President for Strategic Business Development. "The whole platform weighs less than a pound, but there are three separate locations for antennas, as well as three different spots for connectors of your choice. Once again, AMREL has taken the lead in mobile computing."

Nothing matches the DF6 for modularity and flexibility. Depending on your requirements, you can get a handheld with RS232, USB, LAN, VGA, WiFi, Bluetooth, WWAN and/or GPS. You will also have a choice of operating systems, including Windows® CE 6.0, and soon, Android.

Utilizing 25 years of rugged expertise, AMREL designed the ROCKY DF6 not just for multiple options, but also extreme durability. It is independently certified for MIL-STDs 810G/461F and IP66.

"We leveraged the capability of Texas Instruments (TI) OMAP™ Processors to create a small-footprint, lightweight handheld," explained Mr. Lane. "With its ARM architecture, the DF6 is power thrifty, and generates little heat."

Whether you're fighting on the front-lines, or working on an oil rig, the ROCKY DF6 can be easily tailored to your needs. Perfect for any kind of field work, it's ideal for:

  • Battlefield communication & data networking
  • Public Safety patrol duties
  • Non-destructive testing (Oil & Gas)
  • Onsite data collection
  • Meter reading, sensor management, mining, construction, and more

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AMREL designs and manufactures small-footprint, rugged mobile computing solutions for aerospace, biometrics, communications, construction, data acquisition, military, Oil & Gas, Public Safety, unmanned systems, and other applications. With IP values ranging from 54 to 65, our MIL-STD 810/461 certified platforms have proven their durability in combat. AMREL's form factors include fully rugged laptops, tablets, convertible tablets, PDAs and Atom-based handhelds. Our patented single solution approach minimizes peripheral devices, total cost, and space/weight requirements. We customize, design, prototype, and deliver your solution faster than any competitor. Visit

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