Globe Tracker and Xmetra Announce Partnership

HAMBURG, GERMANY--(Marketwired - Oct 8, 2013) - Globe Tracker International (GTI), a leader in global trade data sharing, autonomous asset tracking and monitoring, and related data analytics, announced today its partnership with Xmetra OU, a supplier of solutions for remote detection and tracking of leakages of Hazardous Materials during transportation and storage. The companies will deliver seamlessly integrated, real time wireless detection, tracking, alarm condition reporting and remote management of intermodal containers (tankers) used for high risk materials wherever they are in the world.

Xmetra's Mobile Wireless Leak Detector continuously monitors the NARs (Non Accident Releases) of Hazardous Materials inside the valves area covered by a dome lid on the top of the tank container (ISO, swap or offshore), railroad tank car or road tanker. The Leak Detector sends alerts if the concentration exceeds a threshold value. The device uses GPS/GLONASS positioning technology to determinate coordinates and date / time stamp related to the event of a leak.

Xmetra's capabilities will be integrated into GTI's Smart Autonomous Asset Solution, in particular the GTI Networks, to allow monitoring of safety conditions continuously and integrate that information into the rest of the GTI tracking and monitoring data to provide a holistic view of the status of critical cargo. This capability will bring greater end-to-end visibility and responsiveness to alert situations in extended transit.

With its Smart Autonomous Asset Solution, GTI is changing the way the supply chain thinks about asset tracking, management, and monitoring on land and sea. Its solution is a suite of asset visibility devices and networks and is now commercially available. The suite includes GTI's Trade Data Exchange Network (TDEN), Smart Autonomous Asset Network (SAAN), and Globe Tracker Communications Unit. Together, they deliver the most functional, reliable and cost effective global tracking, monitoring and trade data sharing solution in the industry.

"The transport of Hazardous Materials is always accompanied by risk of leakage or other problems that can result in great damage to life and property. We are delighted to be working with Globe Tracker to integrate our industry leading sensors with their remarkable solution to enhance early warning and prevention of problems in hazardous cargo movement," said Andrey Luybyanitsky, Xmetra Founder.

"The combination of Xmetra's sophisticated sensors and our groundbreaking Smart Autonomous Asset Solution brings our customers and their supply chain partners unprecedented real-time visibility in tracking the status of their sensitive, high value but also high risk cargo anywhere in the world," said Jim Davis, Globe Tracker Founder and CEO.

About Globe Tracker International

Globe Tracker International, ApS, is a privately held Danish company revolutionizing supply chain visibility and profitability. Globe Tracker opened a development center in Beijing China in March of 2007, and now has offices and development centers in Melbourne Florida, San Jose California, Beijing China, Toronto Canada and Reykjavik Iceland.

Globe Tracker offers the most advanced tracking device, the Globe Tracker Communications Unit, and two industry leading network offerings -- The Globe Tracker Smart Autonomous Asset Network and the Globe Tracker Trade Data Exchange Network. These innovative, groundbreaking tracking solutions deliver full, end-to-end, supply chain tracking and monitoring of assets and enable business partners to securely and selectively share trade data with each other. GTI maintains an Intermodal Solution Showcase in Reykjavik Iceland for interested parties to visit upon request.

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About Xmetra

Xmetra OÜ (Xmetra) is dedicated to meet the needs of specific products and solutions for Hazardous Materials transportation and storage through advanced technology development. Xmetra develops and manufactures Wireless Mobile Leak Detectors based on patented sensing and data processing technologies for the multimodal transportation and storage of Hazardous (Dangerous) Materials. Our mission is to bring highly reliable solutions dedicated to the remote monitoring and emergency management the various hazardous products during their transportation by means of ISO, swap, offshore tank containers, rail road tank cars and tanker trucks.

Xmetra serves the needs of suppliers and carriers of chemical materials, tank containers manufacturers and telematics service providers. We are staffed with deep technical knowledge and multidisciplinary backgrounds in engineering, manufacturing and service to ensure the highest quality products, solutions and support for customers.

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