GovDelivery Releases List of Seven Essential Strategies for Today's Government Communicators

Demand for Greater Transparency and Rapidly Changing Technology Landscape Demand New Skills and Strategies for Digital Era

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SAINT PAUL, Minn., Oct. 21, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- GovDelivery, the leading provider of cloud-based public sector communications solutions, today released the "Essential Digital Strategies Guide for Government Communicators," highlighting some critical strategies for public sector communicators. The guide also offers tools and proficiencies needed to work within the prevailing digital era.

"Effective citizen engagement is playing an increasingly important role in achieving mission results for public sector organizations," said Scott Burns, CEO at GovDelivery. "At the same time, communicators who are responsible for creating meaningful connections with the public find they are operating against a challenging backdrop that includes a demand for greater transparency, the increasingly fast pace of information flow and the need to adapt to an ever-growing landscape of tools and platforms. This guide presents some of the essential skills and strategies government communicators need to be effective in today's digital era."

The guide highlights and elaborates on strategies and supporting tactics that every public sector communicator needs to create meaningful connections through today's numerous and varied digital platforms. The document covers key categories for government communicators, including effectively reaching out to the public, building a subscriber base that is deep and wide, and providing valuable streams of content to keep those stakeholders interested and engaged. The guide maintains that professionals must be able to connect with stakeholders by cross-promoting across many channels, collaborate with other public sector communicators and improve effectiveness and efficiency through measureable goals and metrics. Each broad category also delves into specific details, strategies and tips that support effective communication and the achievement of an organization's mission goals.

GovDelivery's "Essential Digital Strategies Guide for Government Communicators" presents the approaches that are necessary to harness the power of technology to deliver timely, relevant and interactive content to citizens and achieve deep and meaningful connections with an organization's community and beyond. The complimentary guide can be downloaded at Several key strategies discussed in this guide were also highlighted in a recent article by Scott Burns posted on Government Executive's website at

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