Doctorsoft's Patented Single-Page Exam View is an EHR Game Changer

Doctorsoft's ophthalmology-specific EHR has answers for some of the most common complaints about purchasing, implementing and using an EHR

Reseda, California, UNITED STATES

Los Angeles, Oct. 28, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Doctorsoft Corporation has emerged with an innovative cloud-based ophthalmology-specific EHR which answers many of the most common complaints about EHR use, with an ingeniously designed single-page exam view. This user interface will change the way EHRs are used and make many a convert along the way. It is one of many very positive attributes and built-in features found in Doctorsoft's unique EHR product.

Historically, users complained that EHRs are extremely inefficient; and also that they are too difficult and cumbersome to navigate, learn and use. In the end it takes the user much too long to complete a patient visit. Doctorsoft has responded to all of these issues with their patented single-page exam view - and no other EHR has anything like it. It is an easy, intuitive and efficient interface for the user. "The important thing to me," explains Mandi Conway, MD, an ophthalmologist in Sun City, AZ, "is that the whole examination be on a single page for a quick glance at vision, pressure and diagrams. This is a unique and wonderful feature of this program."

            There is much fear of making the transition from paper records to EHR. However, today, Doctorsoft's intuitive interface, ease of installation and single-page exam view are a few, of many, aspects and features which help practices make a more confident decision when choosing an EHR. Victor Gonzalez, MD, an ophthalmologist and managing partner of a very busy practice in McAllen, TX states, "the reason I selected Doctorsoft is that it was not a difficult transition from paper and it is the closest I'll ever get to the simplicity of paper." In regards to the single-page exam view, he says, "I am never more than one or two clicks away from where I want to be in the patient record and this allows us to be more efficient, thus increasing productivity."

Another reason for their easy and cost effective installation is that Doctorsoft is also browser-based. This unique design enables Doctorsoft to be used on any device, whether it is an iPad or any other tablet, iPhone or any other Android smartphone, PC, Mac or any other computer, anywhere in the world as long as the device has an internet or WiFi connection. Once logged-in, the users have access to every patient record at their fingertips. If a practice already has computers and tablets in use, they can continue to use them as long as they have internet access. With Doctorsoft there is no need to replace computers and devices with costly, specific new devices, as required by many other EHRs.

The driving force behind Doctorsoft's unique EHR product, and as stated in their logo, is Innovating Electronic Health Records. The founders and management team all come from a background in ophthalmology and healthcare IT, which led them to design and build the EHR for ophthalmology they wanted to use. "Our goal is to offer the EHR for ophthalmology that everyone has been searching and waiting for," says Tamil M. Singh, sales and marketing director. "Never before has there been an EHR product like Doctorsoft that is affordable, efficient and easy-to-use and install." Well, now it is here.

About Doctorsoft Corporation :

Doctorsoft is the premier EHR solution for ophthalmologists. We provide our customers a comprehensive EHR that includes integrated diagnostic image viewing, eRx, an intuitive drawing tool, our patented single-page exam view as well as other features. With a cloud-based EHR designed for ophthalmologists, by ophthalmologists, Doctorsoft is the most efficient, affordable and hassle-free EHR solution for your state-of-the-art ophthalmic practice. To find out more about Doctorsoft and our EHR product, please visit our website at:



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