Zhilabs Launches Virtualized Customer Experience Analytics (vCEA) to Help Service Providers and Enterprises Discover, Solve and Monetize Their Big Data

vCEA Harnesses Network Functions Virtualization Powered by Zhilabs' BigData Application Server(TM) Platform

BARCELONA, SPAIN--(Marketwired - Oct 29, 2013) - Zhilabs has launched a new virtualized Network Intelligence software product designed to help large data-driven networks manage, improve and troubleshoot customer experience issues. Already delivering the industry's most advanced mobile data network intelligence platforms to operators and enterprises worldwide, Zhilabs has packaged its key technology and expertise into a simple, scalable, virtualized Customer Experience Analytics (vCEA) solution that enables customers to discover, solve and monetize their Big Data.

"Service providers and enterprises face intense challenges in capturing and using data productively as a result of the increasing network complexity and the explosive growth of data," said Joan Raventós, CEO and co-founder of Zhilabs. "It is almost impossible for large organizations to understand their customers, solve network issues or monetize their interactions without a complete picture of what is happening on the network correlated to the business."

Addressing these issues, Zhilabs' vCEA uses virtualized, probe-based intelligence to give organizations multiple, real-time views of all network users correlated with the most relevant business data. vCEA also allows for unprecedented deep troubleshooting into all the customer raw events and traces, thereby enabling true root-cause analysis of customer experience related issues.

Big Data Boom
The global Big Data software market is expected to grow at a 34.5% CAGR from $1.1B in 2011 to $4.6B in 2015. Enterprises need to use machine data from all available sources in order to develop operational intelligence, but such data is too distributed and dispersed for traditional data warehouse and analytics platforms to handle cost-effectively. The real value of data therefore remains largely untapped.

Following the Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) paradigm and powered by virtualized versions of Zhilabs' BigData Application Server™ platform and AppLevel probes, vCEA is able to run on top of any service provider or enterprise IT infrastructure or cloud, including existing Hadoop clusters. vCEA provides immediate, efficient, cost-effective and multi-dimensional aggregation and insights into customer experience across a broad range of price plans, customer segments, device types, OTTs and network technologies (2G, 3G, 4G and fixed line).

Both service providers and enterprises can then understand the value of customer transactions, instantly troubleshoot usage issues or device problems, and undertake value-based LTE or 3G capacity planning to improve the use of their network assets and generate more revenue through marketing initiatives or providing the right price/plan mixes.

"On a daily basis, we are able to investigate and solve significant network issues, such as pinpointing a video optimizer slowing traffic in a major network, finding the source of signaling issues, or tracing complaints about poor data quality to a handset that defaulted to use slower accesses rather than the most advanced 3G/4G ones," added Raventós. "Despite the data tsunami, our technology makes it simple to achieve insights which have a profound impact on customer retention and profitability."

About Zhilabs
Founded in 2008, Zhilabs' products allow CSPs and Enterprises to flex the network for each subscriber, improve operations and gain in-depth understanding of their Network, Data Services and Subscribers. Zhilabs software is used by more than 30 telecommunications operators worldwide, managing the customer experience of over 150 million users. Zhilabs' revolutionary technology is able to collect massive data at wire-speed, directly from the packet data network and from any OSS/BSS source, correlate it, apply advanced analytics in real-time and act back on the Network. More information is at www.zhilabs.com.

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