Amazing New Resource for Job Seekers and Recruiters

Amazing - that's the best word to describe the first employment social network - and it's coming soon thanks to the geniuses at Job Habitat.

Irvine, Nov. 1, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- For over a decade, the online job boards and job search engines have dominated the employment search/recruiting scene with platforms that deliver a plethora of results for the searcher to weed through. It didn't matter whether you were a job seeker or a recruiter, you get hundreds of results to your inquiry, though few were what one would consider "the perfect match", front and center. It seems that quantity was (and continues to be) outweighing quality.

Recruiters, like me, often find ourselves gagging on the thousands of resumes being delivered, requiring hours of review. Finally there will be tools job seekers can use to learn and understand what skills they can exploit and recruiters will be able to find the talent their organizations need in mere seconds.

The days of relying on antiquated Boolean and Semantic search methods, pushed by the major online job s and job search engines, is over! Job Habitat's message to job seekers is - "Show the world what you can do" - and their new employment social network platform allows them to do just that, quickly and efficiently. Recruiters and employers are able to find talent, with the specific skills they require, without having to weed through piles of irrelevant results. Job Habitat makes it possible in this pervasive stagnant economy for these employers to help "changing the world with every job" - a prophetic tag line.

Unlike many of the new players messaging a new science and attempting to tackle the majors such as Monster, Dice, Linkedin, and Indeed, Job Habitat's patent pending technology has been in development for three years, with the company constantly testing and retesting every function. Launching soon, this new employment social network may quickly make all online job boards, job search engines, and recruiting methodologies obsolete. Finally there will be a logical, efficient solution for job seekers to quickly find an ideal position and for recruiters to find the perfectly matched candidate for their openings.

Hold on to your hats, or should I say resumes. Job Habitat promises to change the world with its new technology and make finding a great job or finding the perfect candidate a simple, efficient and easy process. Job Habitat promises to deliver what the online job boards and job search engines have unsuccessfully been trying to do for years.

About Job Habitat - Job Habitat, Inc. is set to launch at the beginning of 2014, at the URL; their patent pending technology promises to capture the attention of every job seeker and employer. This new employment social network will certainly make the currently available recruiting tools and job search tools pale in comparison. 

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