WeatherTRAK FlowLink Featured in 2013 Irrigation Show New Product Contest

WeatherTRAK FlowLink Delivers Cost-Effective and Reliable Flow Monitoring with Real-Time Visibility, Water Leak Detection and Simple Diagnostics to Retrofit Sites


PETALUMA, Calif., Nov. 4, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- HydroPoint Data Systems, Inc., the proven leader in Smart Water Management Solutions, today announced that WeatherTRAK FlowLink will be featured in the 2013 Irrigation Show New Product Contest and HydroPoint trade show booth #2029 during the annual Irrigation Association education conference in Austin, Texas, November 4-8, 2013.

Delivering reliable, real-time visibility and user-friendly, advanced diagnostics, WeatherTRAK Flow Link brings the benefits of flow monitoring to existing sites. Irrigation and landscape professionals can now quickly discover and address system leaks and mainline breaks, reducing outdoor water waste and property risks associated with water damage.

"WeatherTRAK FlowLink delivers failsafe, real-time communication, eliminating costly hardscape trenching and site disruptions.  The result is a flow monitoring solution that is effective and simple to deploy," said Chris Spain, CEO and President at HydroPoint. "Installing in 30 minutes or less, the FlowLink product combines with WeatherTRAK Central enhancements to create dynamic flow management.  Landscape professionals gain 24/7 visibility into leaks and breaks, eliminating  water-related damage and repair costs across a single site or property portfolio."
WeatherTRAK FlowLink and WeatherTRAK Central Flow Management: 

WeatherTRAK FlowLink uses existing field wires and minimal trenching to pair a field transceiver and controller transceiver with flow sensors and a WeatherTRAK commercial smart irrigation controller. This solution leverages the robust flow management capabilities built into the controller and WeatherTRAK Central to monitor five independent flow functions along with master valves, station level flow rates, thresholds and run times in real-time.
Real-Time Leak Detection and Alerts:

WeatherTRAK Central's built-in analytics, reporting and alerts deliver real-time site visibility so landscape, irrigation and property management professionals can identify potential leaks or mainline breaks not easily visible from the surface before catastrophic, costly problems arise. 
Advanced Flow Diagnostics and Reporting:

WeatherTRAK Central diagnostics integrate with mobile, cloud-based reporting across multiple sites and controllers to assist irrigation and landscape professionals in pinpointing and resolving flow issues quickly.
Remote, Mobile Control:

WeatherTRAK Central users can immediately address high flow rates or make remote station-level changes to controller flow settings and configurations via any internet-enabled computer, Smartphone or tablets.  Automated shut-off of broken sprinkler heads, leaks and mainline breaks immediately eliminates water waste and damage. Customizable user-defined alarms, alert notifications or station groupings, interactive dashboards and water budget reports increase response time and operations efficiency.
About HydroPoint Data Systems

HydroPoint Data Systems, founded in 2002, is the market and technology leader in Smart Water Management. An EPA WaterSense Partner, HydroPoint automates water efficiency and smart buildings with real-time weather analytics, leak detection and wireless applications, delivering a true 360° approach to Water IT and a multitude of financial benefits.

Leading companies across the U.S. have identified HydroPoint technology as the green initiative with the fastest payback. Thousands of HydroPoint subscribers, including Aimco, Lockheed Martin, commercial properties, residential communities, federal and municipal agencies, and educational institutions, saved 20 billion gallons of water, 77 million kilowatt hours and 103 million pounds of CO2 in 2012 alone.

Proven in 25 independent studies, including the vanguard pollution runoff study led by the EPA, the company's WeatherTRAK® Smart Irrigation Solution saves water, reduces energy demand, and protects water quality while eliminating landscape water waste, water-related liabilities and expense exposure. Headquartered in Petaluma, Calif., HydroPoint is privately owned and operated. For more information, visit

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